Emmy 2010 Recap. Success.

Okay, I know that the Emmy's was like forever ago (really, only a few days, cut me some slack people!) but I'm finally pulling together my thoughts/reactions from the show (that I actually had to DVR and watch on Monday since I was jammin out to She and Him at Loufest on Sunday instead...).

To help me recap.... check out my tweets:

Emmy opening number. Omg, I die: Anything that involves Jon Hamm backing it up is fine by me. This was just brilliant.

Dear Jim Parsons, I adore you. #bigbang #emmys: So happy he won. Isn't he just adorable?

Oh and NPH. you're freakin perfect. #emmys: That zing to Jimmy Fallon? "I'd like the thank the academy for allowing a gay man to host two years in a row." Followed by the snarkiest little smile. Like I said, freakin perfect. 

What a great year in drama... #emmys #ilovemontages: I love montages. That is the truth. However, I was about to tweet that this year's were a little lacking.... until I saw the drama one. What a fantastic year in drama! Not only did we see the end of heavy-hitters like Lost and 24, but we got stellar performances from Dexter, Mad Men and Grey's Anatomy (which, by the way, when they showed that clip of the shooting in the montage, I stopped breathing. Again). 

Is it bad I wanted every guy in the lead actor in a drama to win... except Hugh Laurie #emmys: (Sidennote: I'm sure he's a great guy, but I've never watched House, nor do I intend to. No matter how great it is, there are enough procedural hospital dramas on TV.) Bryan Cranston. Jon Hamm. Matthew Fox. Kyle Chandler. Michael C. Hall. I seriously would have taken any of these guys for the win. 

The island, it was mythical and in the end they died. I didn't understand it but I tried. #lost #emmys: (with a correction from my pal @AmbikaBehal)

Ricky Gervais kills it every time.#emmys: Beers for the audience? Thank you very much. Can he host the Globes again please?

TV is makin a comeback. Lead actor in miniseries/movie = movie stars. #emmys: For such a long time, TV has been considered the ugly stepchild to film. Movie stars > TV stars, right? Wrong. Take a look at these nominees: Ian McKellen, Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Dennis Quaid, and (winner) Al Pacino. All bonafide movie stars who took time out to come do telelvision. Thanks to cable, it looks like the ugly stepchild is getting a makeover.

Other random musings:

  • Jimmy Fallon, you did a decent job. You let the shows and the stars shine. Way to go, kiddo. 
  • Do I think Lost got snubbed? Nah. I would have loved to see Terry O'Quinn pick up a prize for his John Locke/MIB portrayal though. I only wish his performance could be judged based on series instead of just season. Seeing the character transformations he went through..... man, that guy is just awesome
  • This may be morbid, but I thought more important people died this year? That memorium was kinda dull. 
  • The girl from The Good Wife? No way, Jose. She should not have won Best Supporting. Every time I watch that show, I think of what a bad actress and annoying character she is.... Lame. 

Overall, Emmy's 2010 = Success. 

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