Ok, so this is not J-Woww. This is Sammi from Jersey Shore, courtesy a makeover from Harper's Bazaar. Smokin' right?



Anybody watch Treme yet?

I cuaght the first episode last night and was pretty happy with it. Did it blow me away in the first episode like some other series' have? No, not quite. But it was pretty solid.

Oh, and this just in: The folks at HBO liked it so much, they already ordered a second season. Nice.

My favorite things about Treme (so far):
It is in New Orleans. And I love NOLA. I'm not native, but I fel like this show is really highlighting the city and not taking advantage of it. I feel like it really shows the culture, the music, the food, the people...

John Goodman. St. Louis boy in a show about my second favorite city. Win.

Steve Zahn. He is great in everything, but I especially love him as the pot smoking, rap blaring, DJ/musician Davis in Treme.

This line:
Davis: You tell me all you wanna do is get high, play trumpet and barbecue in New Orleans your whole life?
Kermit: That'll work.

Oh, and this one:
Davis: You can't throw me out. I'm your boyfriend. Kind of. Maybe not on a consistent basis. But I'm a friend... with benefits. You find me charming.

The theme song. It was stuck in my head all night. And I'm not complaining...


Got a GOOD clip from the Oscars. Enjoy!


And the award for Best DANCE goes to...

Notice that this year I didn't post anything about the Oscars... sorry, my bad. But really, you should blame the Internet because I was waiting to post on the show until I had found the dance they did to present the best song nominees.... and I still could only find this sucky link. Sorry for the horrible quality... you try finding a better clip!

But seriously... check it out.


Two hours? Really?

Last night's Brothers and Sisters was two. hours. long.


Was it necessary, not at all.

The whole bit about flashing back to the 80s, finding out what Dennis York had on Nora, why she needed all the kids to seel their shares.... that was great.

Justin and Rebecca getting hitched? Whatever this Narrow Lake business is? Kitty being in remission? All that was sort of a waste. I feel like the Ojai shares' selling was a big enough issue for its own episode... instead of sharing it with these other bits.

Plus, I'm sorry, I'm still confused about Narrow Lake. And didn't Nora sell her shares, so why does it even matter?

I like(d) Brothers and Sisters, but I'm getting sick of it. And with Kitty and Robert spending less time around next season and Luc spending more time.... I think it will only get worse.


LOST. love. LOST. love.

Last night's LOST episode was too good for words.

Here's a theory I read at TV Fanatic that I really like...
Eloise told Desmond that he had the life he always wanted, specifically: the admiration of Charles Widmore. Desmond should accept it, be happy and stop searching. Why? He wasn't ready for the truth yet.

What is that truth? This is my theory: it's related to a deal those on the island made with FakeLocke. He's been manipulating people throughout the season, inching closer and closer to his goal of freedom. His main strategy for conspiring to leave the island? Convince the castaways that he can make their dreams come true.

You want Nadia to be alive, Sayid? No problem! Wanna see Jin again, Sun? I can do that! Care to be a mother to Aaron, Claire? Follow me!

In each instance, FakeLocke is trying to get people to take his side over Jacob. And what's been the theme that both Widmore and Jacob (the two men opposing the Man in Black) have tried to hammer home to anyone that will listen? If FakeLocke succeeds, the world that we know will end. There's no way of understanding exactly what this means, or how it will take place, or a million other questions hanging over Lost.

But Eloise's speech, and Daniel's subsequent hypothesis about his own past, lends credence to the idea that FakeLocke promised everyone their very own heaven in exchange for his freedom, but you know what they say: be careful what you wish for.

Because something is missing in this Man-in-Black-created universe. It's something Charlie saw in his near-death experience: love.

It sounds cheesy, but think about it: Sayid isn't actually with Nadia in his Sideways world. Jack is divorced, Sawyer ruined things with Charlotte, Desmond is completely alone. These individuals may have been granted their wishes by FakeLocke, but the result was far from the ideal life they had envisioned once they conquered their past demons.

What does all this mean? Who knows. But Daniel made it clear that this Sideways world is not the life they are "supposed" to be living ("What if this all this wasn't supposed to be our life? What if we had some other life, and for some reason we changed things?") .

Something went wrong, and all signs point to that something having a lot to do with Jacob's nemesis. The Man in Black may have told Richard, in "Ab Aeterno," that he was NOT the Devil - but it certainly seems like our castaways have made a deal with someone evil that has resulted in a major, loveless shift to their universe.

Could that be FakeLocke's plan? The danger of releasing that cork? He may not literally destroy the world, but he may remove the concept of true love from it.
My only problem here is the 'love' has never been one of the big LOST themes (in my opinion).... Ah well.


LOST spoiler! This is BIG.

I am not joking. This picture is a HUGE spoiler for my favorite show ever, LOST. It is so big I refuse to post it here, but will post a link to it instead.

I will tell you it is a picture from the sideways world, it involves one of the big characters, and, while it isn't exactly going to give the plot away looking at it out of context, it potentially changes everything we knew/know about the show.

Want to see it? Click here.

GLEE. next week. YES.

My TV Highlights for the week...

Grey's Anatomy. Just when I was about to give up, I went back for more and got hooked. See my last post.

Justified. I'm not a huge fn of the lead actor but the character he plays- Marshal Raylan Givens- is really intriguing. I've yet to watch the second episode, but check out my reaction from the first. 

How to Make it in America. Great opening credits featuring Aloe Blacc's 'I Need a Dollar.' Bryan Greenberg. Entourage with more bad luck and less whining. The first season just ended on Sunday, but it is only six, half hour episodes, so it is easy to catch up on. Check out HBO or the Internet for eps. 

And Lost, always Lost of course. I actually really liked the Sun/Jin episode. But not really because of Sun and Jin. I was more interested in Widmore and 'Locke.' And the surprise cameo by Patchies of course! I did like seeing Jin and Sun in love in the sideways world... from the scene on the plane I thought for sure they would have gone back to being an unhappy couple. Oh, but sidenote: Sun, speak English. 

Giving up on Grey's? Not yet.

I almost gave up on Grey's Anatomy. My guess is, a lot of you have. IMHO, for what started as a suspenseful, drama-packed hit show on ABC, the last couple seasons have been a little less than stellar (with the exception of the last season finale when George died... that was intense).

A few weeks ago, I said to myself, "Danielle, do you really care anymore?" And the answer was no. I really considered saving a Thursday night TV hour and not watching it anymore.

And then I saw last week's episode. I'm not sure what it was that changed my mind...

A renewed happiness now that Izzy is officially off the show?
The shifting focus from Izzy/Alex/Christina/Meredith to Bailey/Callie/Arizona/Mark?
The happy version of Derek and Meredith?
The dangerous chemistry going on in the Teddy/Christina/Owen love triangle?
New doc Jackson Avery's eyes?

Who cares, I'm in.

And here are a couple little spoiler bits to get you pumped for the remainder of the season:

One serious couple is breaking up and it will leave them both 'devastated.' Rumor has it, it has nothing to do with meeting a new person, but rather 'a serious issue' that they 'can't get passed.'
My bet? Callie and Arizona over the baby issue.
Or it could be Owen and Christina, bumping heads over the PTSD and/or the baby issue as well.

There is going to be a fling in the hospital- with one newby and one veteran Grey-er.
My bet? Anyone with Jackson. No one cares about that annoying, McDreamy obsessed, fired once and came back, Mercy Wester.


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