My TV Highlights for the week...

Grey's Anatomy. Just when I was about to give up, I went back for more and got hooked. See my last post.

Justified. I'm not a huge fn of the lead actor but the character he plays- Marshal Raylan Givens- is really intriguing. I've yet to watch the second episode, but check out my reaction from the first. 

How to Make it in America. Great opening credits featuring Aloe Blacc's 'I Need a Dollar.' Bryan Greenberg. Entourage with more bad luck and less whining. The first season just ended on Sunday, but it is only six, half hour episodes, so it is easy to catch up on. Check out HBO or the Internet for eps. 

And Lost, always Lost of course. I actually really liked the Sun/Jin episode. But not really because of Sun and Jin. I was more interested in Widmore and 'Locke.' And the surprise cameo by Patchies of course! I did like seeing Jin and Sun in love in the sideways world... from the scene on the plane I thought for sure they would have gone back to being an unhappy couple. Oh, but sidenote: Sun, speak English. 

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