Giving up on Grey's? Not yet.

I almost gave up on Grey's Anatomy. My guess is, a lot of you have. IMHO, for what started as a suspenseful, drama-packed hit show on ABC, the last couple seasons have been a little less than stellar (with the exception of the last season finale when George died... that was intense).

A few weeks ago, I said to myself, "Danielle, do you really care anymore?" And the answer was no. I really considered saving a Thursday night TV hour and not watching it anymore.

And then I saw last week's episode. I'm not sure what it was that changed my mind...

A renewed happiness now that Izzy is officially off the show?
The shifting focus from Izzy/Alex/Christina/Meredith to Bailey/Callie/Arizona/Mark?
The happy version of Derek and Meredith?
The dangerous chemistry going on in the Teddy/Christina/Owen love triangle?
New doc Jackson Avery's eyes?

Who cares, I'm in.

And here are a couple little spoiler bits to get you pumped for the remainder of the season:

One serious couple is breaking up and it will leave them both 'devastated.' Rumor has it, it has nothing to do with meeting a new person, but rather 'a serious issue' that they 'can't get passed.'
My bet? Callie and Arizona over the baby issue.
Or it could be Owen and Christina, bumping heads over the PTSD and/or the baby issue as well.

There is going to be a fling in the hospital- with one newby and one veteran Grey-er.
My bet? Anyone with Jackson. No one cares about that annoying, McDreamy obsessed, fired once and came back, Mercy Wester.

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