LOST has me conflicted.

Last night's episode of Lost seriously blew me away! 

While I used to love Locke, I haven't been a big fan of his the last couple seasons- he just got weird. But, for some reason, last week (was it just last week?) when Christian told him he was going to have to die, it made me so sad. And then seeing him on that table last night, about ready to hang himself just broke my heart (I even found myself whimpering, "No, John. Don't do it"). 

The whole season has had me wondering who is good and who is bad, and tonight was mixing it up more than ever. Widmore was convincing, and I started to think maybe he WAS the good uy after all. But then Ben shows up and I thought, no maybe Ben is the good guy. And THEN, Ben kills Locke! OMG. I was so mad I could kill him. So now I am convinced Ben is bad. 

Does that mean Widmore is good? Probably not. I'm beginning to think the only good guys are our Oceanic friends (Oh, and Desmond and Frank). 


Paley Fest?

A little help here, guys. 

What is Paley Fest?

I know it must have something to do with TV, but I have no clue other than that. I absolutely must find out what it is because they are airing the final episodes of my favorite, Pushing Daisies!


i love Buddha.

I don't understand what the big deal with Buddha is on I Love Money 2. I mean, I know he is a strong guy, a big threat, but why was everyone so set on getting him off the show? In the end, he isn't someone I would want to be up against in a physical challenge either, but until then? Why not keep him around to help your team win challenges? Then again, his team has lost every time...

I don't understand why they all continue to let Frank run the game. They could all easily gang up on him and get him off. These 'alliances' won't last forever. Eventually there will be one winner. The way things are shaping up right now? My bet is on 20 Pack. 

lost LOST post

Sad to say, but I haven't posted about my favorite show of all time in a while. Let's get one thing straight- it is NOT because I don't like this new season. I actually love this new season. Everyone who is complaining about the time travel story line, saying the show is 'too sci-fi' is just delusional. 

Newsflash: Lost has always been sci-fi. It has always been mysterious. Isn't that why we liked it to begin with?

With that out of the way, let me share some scoop with you... According to TV Guide, one of the following three items is true:
1. Charlotte is Ben's little friend Annie (something I was already convinced was true). 
2. Miles is the Darma Initiative guy's son. 
3. Ben and Locke are brothers. 

Unlikely, but I kind of hope it is the third...


Oscar Time! Part 9

I'm getting tired. And sick. My cough and my headache is getting worse. 

10:26pm Best Actress time! Yes. Sweet Presenters too. Listen to the audience go crazy!

10:29pm I like this presenting style- way more moving. 

10:31pm Sophia Loren= trainwreck. She looks scary. And PS Meryl has the best seat in the house. 

10:33pm Winslet wins. Not a shock, but I am so happy because she is amazing. I can think of no better role model for women everywhere than that woman. 

10:35pm Aw, I would have asked my Dad to whistle too! Adorable. She is just so genuine. 

This is sad, but I wish we could fast forward. I have so much to do and I am tiiiirrreed. 

10:38pm awesome presenters for Best Actor. 

10:43pm Who do I want to win? Rourke or Penn? Decisions decisions. 

10:44pm Sean Penn wins for Milk. Very nice. And way cool camera angles this year, Academy. Well done. 

10:47pm Signs of hatred? So sad. That is ridiculous. 

10:49pm Speilberg is like speaking a different language. Ugh I don't know if I can do another montage. 

10:53pm Ok, here goes, Best Picture time. Slumdog? Yep, yep. Slumdog. 

10:57pm Previews? Sweet, I'll stick around for that, but I'm peacin' out. It's been a blast, but I'm done blogging tonight! 

Oscar Time! Part 8

10:07pm I love Liam's voice. I saw him once in a documentary about black holes at a planetarium. To be honest, I fell asleep. His voice is so soothing...

10:09pm He is 'berry' happy. Nice. Haha they hope to be back. They are funny. 

10:12pm The montage of people who died this year, always one of my favorite parts. Oh, and now it includes a song from Queen Latifah!? Awesome. this is becoming more like the Grammy's/Tony's... but why does the camera keep moving?! It is making it hard for me to read the screens! Heston! Newman! This is the best looking award show ever... 

This was the second award show I saw that did not show Ledger in their montages of people who died. The other was the Globes maybe? Or the SAG Awards? I can't remember. Why is this?

10:19pm No speech and he's retiring? Very noble of you sir. Aw Reese, you look weird. 

10:20pm Stutter. I think that music caught her off guard...

10:22pm I'm bitter about another Slumdog win, but he is right- this show is beautiful. Totally living up to the hype. 

Oscar Time! Part 7

Ok, if you are on the same channel as me, you just saw a Project Runway back to back hit! Heidi in a Diet Coke commercial followed by Tim Gunn's Tide commercial. Glad to see they are keeping busy while their show is tied up in the courts. 

9:45pm Yeah Jerry Lewis. I did a 'kick-a-thon' for MDA for four years in high school with my Dance Team and answered phones at the Telethon twice. Great organization!

9:51pm Music? Is he going to sing again? Oh, no. Instrumentals. 

9:54pm Alright, Zac, my love. And, uh, does Alicia's hair look like a wig? Weird. Oh boy, Slumdog again. 

9:58pm I adore John Legend. Sing to me. 

10:02pm Please tell me MIA is about to win an Oscar...

Is this MIA's song? I need to pay better attention. 

Oscar Time! Part 6

8:53pm Aw Hugh. Dreamy. omg Beyonce. Surprise!  I love musicals. Mama Mia! Zac Efron!! That's it, that is what more a woman could ask for. 

8:58pm Okay, by far my favorite part of the show so far!!

Alright, I had to temporarily pause my viewing because my neighbors house may or may not be on fire. No emergency, they are just outside and I can see fireman axing down walls on the inside. Hmm.. I'll catch up!

Supporting Actor time, whoop whoop. aka the Heath Ledger award. 

Kevin Kline, way to rep the StL! 

why is P S Hofman wearing a ski cap? Weird. 

Josh Brolin=gorgeous. 

Cuba Gooding Jr. is so funny. I could listen to him talk all day long. He probably has one of the best acceptance speeches ever at the Oscars. They should let him host next year!

And the Oscar goes to Heath, duh. This would have been the dreamiest awards show ever if he was there. Every man I love in Hollywood- Jackman, Craig, Efron, Franco, and my all time crush Heath Ledger. 

Aw look at everyone tearing up. This is so sad. Even the stone cold Angelina has a soul. Who woulda thought?

Montage time! I was thinking this montage was really boring until she cursed. Then it was amusing. 

Wish I watched more documentaries... but I don't. 

Wire-walking guy= hilarious. Haha. 

Ugh. I am fast forwarding, but I don't know if I can catch up! I am fast forwarding thru a montage that has Daniel Craig clips. You have no idea how much that hurt. 

Ok, back on track. 

9:27pm Love me some Will Smith. 

9:28pm Duh, Button wins. 

9:30pm So glad The Dark Knight got some recognition, especially over Slumdog. why is it these technical guys always have really prepared, eloquent speeches and the actors don't?

9:33pm Well, except these guys. They are surprised? Slumdog was predicted to sweep this thing. 

9:35pm Yeah, love Will and all, but where is Hugh?!

9:37pm more Slumdog. Basically we have learned that Danny Boyle inspires everyone

Oscar Time! Part 5

8:44pm Haha love this montage. Love James Franco. Haha Mama Mia singing, can't stop laughing at that song. This is hilarious. 

8:46pm Yes, James Franco. Is this like the hottest men alive show or what? Craig, Jackman, Franco on stage, Pitt in the audience, what more does a girl need?

8:48pm Did they butcher that name? Or was it right? How are we supposed to know? But Seth's laughing indicates that they butchered it. Ha. 

Oscar Time! Part 4

8:33pm haha oh Ben. You are so funny. And I love Natalie Portman more than anything. How is she so pretty? It's not normal. 

8:35pm I love this. Ben wandering the stage. Classic. Also, cinematography totally makes a movie. I don't know why, but it is really one of my favorite awards of the night. Too bad, it is another Slumdog win. I promise I don't hate the movie, just bored with all the hype. 

Wow, that was a boring segment. Commercials again? Sorry, part 4, you're short. 

8:39pm Whoops. It's back. Jessica Biel? Not remotely famous. 

8:41pm Uhoh another commercial break. This is weird. 

Oscar Time! Part 3

8:17pm No lie. I was just texting my friend (hey, Cara!) and threw my phone on the floor when I heard them say Daniel Craig. AHH! I love him so much. Doesn't Danielle Craig sound so good? Yeah, I know it does. 

8:19pm Who thinks Button will win all the art/technical awards. I do! I do!

8:20pm God, he looks good in a suit. 

8:22pm I feel like every movie Keira Knightley is in wins awards for costumes. Maybe she just like pretty dresses more than acting?

8:24pm Daniel Craig presenting again? YES!

8:26pm Ew Twilight. But, yes Mama Mia! I love Amanda! And another montage! On romance? ug.

8:29pm Okay, that was kind of cute. Thanks for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall and HSM3 shout outs! 

Oscar Time! Part 2

Back from commercial break

7:45pm Comedians are great. I love Tina Fey. 

7:56pm Original Screenplay? My pick is Wall-E. Tougher to write for cartoons... and a lot of silence. 

7:58pm Milk, cool. I have a feeling with the Prop 8 fall out, it will do really well tonight. And, aha very nice speech.

8:00pm Ah, same presenters for more than one category. Clever.  Adapted Screenplay? My pick is Doubt. But, honestly any of these could win and I would be happy, they are all wonderful. 

8:03pm No offense, but I hope this is not a Slumdog sweep tonight. I'm kind of sick about hearing how awesome it is. 

8:04pm Jennifer Aniston! YES! A movie yearbook? Yes, another montage!

8:07pm Wall-E wins for best animated feature, awkward for Jack Black. 

8:10pm Ha I just realized they kept showing Angelina when Jack Black was talking because she was in Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black, but he just happens to be standing on stage with her 'nemisis,' the former Mrs. Pitt. 

Oscar Time!

This is my REAL TIME Oscar blog! I'm sure there is an easier way to do this, I could certainly just tweet all my thoughts, but I'm sure people would get sick of that (especially since a lot of my followers aren't big twitter users... yet). So here are my thoughts on the big show...

7:31pm The show is starting! Stage looks gorgeous, and so does Hugh (of course). And ha, look at that, he's funny too... Yes, singing! He has such a wonderful voice... highlights: serenading Kate, the 'Craig's list dancers', The Dark Knight shout out, the Benjamin Button head cut-outs, and Anne Hathaway! Marvelous!  The Reader dance was hilarious. I would say one of the better openings I have seen at the Oscars! Hugh is so dreamy. Funny. Charming. Candid. He is a natural entertainer. 

7:42pm Oh how I love montages! I know they were talking about doing different things with the show this year, and if this is it- paying homage to past winners as a way to honor the new ones? I think it is brilliant. Oh, and so great them talking to the nominees. It makes it so much more meaningful! But not sure how this will keep the time down...

7:48pm Okay, best supporting. My pick? Viola Davis. I haven't seen it the film, but I saw it on stage last year in Kansas City and that role, that story, is just breathtaking. 

7:48pm Cruz wins? Okay, I'll take it because she is so darn pretty. 


dying Walker?!

I haven't been able to watch Brothers & Sisters from last night yet, but my sister texted me and asked who I thought was going to die- Tommy, Robert, or the baby? 

Someone is going to die!? WTF. I need to watch it ASAP. 


medical mix-up

Just caught last night's Grey's/Private Practice crossover. Hmm.

I'm actually on a Grey's kick right now- love this new stable Meredith, love Owen and Yang, love Mark and Lexi- but I hate Private Practice. I just can't get into that show. I think it ruined Addison. I loved seeing her back in Seattle, but she just isn't the same character she was then.

I know that Grey's has lost a lot of viewers the last couple seasons, and believe me, I have been less than impressed too (the Denny thing? ug.), but its getting so much better! I think all the credit goes to the Owen and Yang romance. It truly is a breath of fresh air in a sea of old drama.


Stars of DWTS announced

If you are like me, you were sitting at the edge of your seat on Sunday waiting for ABC to announce the cast of this season's Dancing With the Stars. Or maybe you weren't. I'll help you...

Belinda Carlisle- the Go-Gos
David Alan Grier-comedian, most recently Chocolate News on Comedy Central
Jewel- singer
Shawn Johnson- Olympic gymnast
Lil' Kim- rapper
Gilles Marini- Samantha's naked neighbor on Sex and the City
Ty Murray- bull rider
Steve-O- Wilboyz
Nancy O'Dell- Entertainment Tonight anchor
Denise Richards- movie/TV/reality/tabloid star
Lawrence Taylor- football player
Chuck Wicks- country singer
Steve Wozniak- Apple guy

No word yet on who each star is paired up with, but the 8th season starts March 9th in a, you guessed it, two-hour premiere. This time, there will be three real life couples competing for the mirror ball trophy- Jewel and Ty Murray, pros Maksim and Karina, and Chuck Wicks and his pro girlfriend Julianne. And, big change here, the bottom two couples will now face each other in a 'Dance Off' to decide who goes home. Yikes. Let the dancing begin!


Of course Walter would be the author of ZFT. I've come to expect nothing less from my favorite mad scientist. 

Last night's episode of Fringe was really plot-centric. Lately there have been more and more personal stories, Walter wisecracks, and Olivia/Harris disputes, but last night really focused on the issue at hand. And Olivia's 'power'?! Do you think it was all rigged by Jones, or did she really turn the lights off and stop the bomb?


I LOVE money.

I am obsessed with this show. Words cannot explain it. You have to watch for yourself. It repeats all the time, so I'm sure you'll catch it. 

new episode of FRINGE tonight

Tonight is an all new episode of Fringe on Fox and I strongly recommend you check this show out! It just started this fall, and while it hasn't had as much success as The Mentalist (CBS), or as much controversy at 90210 (CW), I think it's holding its own in the batch of new shows.

It is a sci-fi show created by JJ Abrams and that man is seriously a genius (think Cloverfield, Heroes, Alias, and of course, LOST). Plus it has Pacey!

Anyway, the show is great.It always opens with some really mysterious event and, believe me, you will want to keep watching to figure out what the hell just happened.

Check it out tonight on Fox at 8pm and let me know what you think!

Missed me?

Because I sure as hell have missed you!!

Don't you worry one bit. Just because I stopped posting here doesn't mean my television viewing has slowed. If anything, it has become worse. Now that I have added the following to my list of addictions...

True Blood
Mad Men
Nitro Circus
TV Guide
Entertainment Weekly

Yikes! I miss this blog terribly and am going to start posting again every evening! It's good to be back!


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