Oscar Time! Part 8

10:07pm I love Liam's voice. I saw him once in a documentary about black holes at a planetarium. To be honest, I fell asleep. His voice is so soothing...

10:09pm He is 'berry' happy. Nice. Haha they hope to be back. They are funny. 

10:12pm The montage of people who died this year, always one of my favorite parts. Oh, and now it includes a song from Queen Latifah!? Awesome. this is becoming more like the Grammy's/Tony's... but why does the camera keep moving?! It is making it hard for me to read the screens! Heston! Newman! This is the best looking award show ever... 

This was the second award show I saw that did not show Ledger in their montages of people who died. The other was the Globes maybe? Or the SAG Awards? I can't remember. Why is this?

10:19pm No speech and he's retiring? Very noble of you sir. Aw Reese, you look weird. 

10:20pm Stutter. I think that music caught her off guard...

10:22pm I'm bitter about another Slumdog win, but he is right- this show is beautiful. Totally living up to the hype. 

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