Oscar Time! Part 3

8:17pm No lie. I was just texting my friend (hey, Cara!) and threw my phone on the floor when I heard them say Daniel Craig. AHH! I love him so much. Doesn't Danielle Craig sound so good? Yeah, I know it does. 

8:19pm Who thinks Button will win all the art/technical awards. I do! I do!

8:20pm God, he looks good in a suit. 

8:22pm I feel like every movie Keira Knightley is in wins awards for costumes. Maybe she just like pretty dresses more than acting?

8:24pm Daniel Craig presenting again? YES!

8:26pm Ew Twilight. But, yes Mama Mia! I love Amanda! And another montage! On romance? ug.

8:29pm Okay, that was kind of cute. Thanks for the Forgetting Sarah Marshall and HSM3 shout outs! 

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