LOST has me conflicted.

Last night's episode of Lost seriously blew me away! 

While I used to love Locke, I haven't been a big fan of his the last couple seasons- he just got weird. But, for some reason, last week (was it just last week?) when Christian told him he was going to have to die, it made me so sad. And then seeing him on that table last night, about ready to hang himself just broke my heart (I even found myself whimpering, "No, John. Don't do it"). 

The whole season has had me wondering who is good and who is bad, and tonight was mixing it up more than ever. Widmore was convincing, and I started to think maybe he WAS the good uy after all. But then Ben shows up and I thought, no maybe Ben is the good guy. And THEN, Ben kills Locke! OMG. I was so mad I could kill him. So now I am convinced Ben is bad. 

Does that mean Widmore is good? Probably not. I'm beginning to think the only good guys are our Oceanic friends (Oh, and Desmond and Frank). 


Melody said...

I got all uncomfortable with how smiley he was last night, dunno he just kinda creeped me out in the "hey little girl, want some candy?" way

Bob said...
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