Oscar Time! Part 7

Ok, if you are on the same channel as me, you just saw a Project Runway back to back hit! Heidi in a Diet Coke commercial followed by Tim Gunn's Tide commercial. Glad to see they are keeping busy while their show is tied up in the courts. 

9:45pm Yeah Jerry Lewis. I did a 'kick-a-thon' for MDA for four years in high school with my Dance Team and answered phones at the Telethon twice. Great organization!

9:51pm Music? Is he going to sing again? Oh, no. Instrumentals. 

9:54pm Alright, Zac, my love. And, uh, does Alicia's hair look like a wig? Weird. Oh boy, Slumdog again. 

9:58pm I adore John Legend. Sing to me. 

10:02pm Please tell me MIA is about to win an Oscar...

Is this MIA's song? I need to pay better attention. 

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