Is This LOST?

They have Gin. They have a jungle. Heck, last season even featured boar hunting and a bunker in the jungle... and now John Locke?!


RIVALS. 4 Thoughts on the Finale.

Four thoughts on the RIVALS finale...

1. Wes. You suck. I know, I know. You 'carried' Kenny all the way through. Mr. Beautiful wasn't so amazing this season. But maybe you're only good at little challenges and not the final mission. This is twice now that you crapped out and the last time it was Mandy yelling at you to get up! Not encouraging given her performance last night...

2. Jenn and Mandy..... sigh, head shake. You suck, too. The whole tent thing wasn't a joke. It wasn't ridiculous.  TEN other people completed it before you. You just gave up and threw a hissy fit. Hey Jenn, I love ya - but maybe all those people who say you coast thru challenges to the finale without ever 'earning' your spot in an elimination challenge are right.

3. Leroy asking for mac n cheese..... ADORABLE.

4. One of these things is not like the other.... Did The Key West cast just kill it or what? Paula + Johnny + Tyler were all on the same Real World season. I did a little Wikipedia snooping and found that 6/7 cast members have done Challenges and 4/7 have WON them. Is this the best Real World/Challenge cast? Any ideas of one that would beat them?

[EDIT: Just poked around on the Wiki a little more and it appears that Austin has the same stats as Key West (6/7 competing; 4/7 winning) AND the seasons were back to back. Weird. But Real World: Boston has everyone beat with 7/7 competing and 4/7 winning. But I know Challenges used to be different (didn't they happen on the actual season? With the Real World cast competing against the Road Rules cast?). Also, for the record, Real World: New Orleans (the second one) sucks. They've done ZERO Challenges!]



Who else is watching Project Runway?! I know we're only a few episodes in... but some thoughts:

Let's put these crazy challenges on hold. Sure, the judges have been able to see some of the designer's personality through the old designs and the auditions... but we haven't. It's hard for me as a viewer to decide if I like someone based on how they dress stilt walkers. That Nina Challenge was a breath of fresh air! I want to see who these designers are when they aren't shopping in pet stores for materials.

Bert, you're not my favorite anymore. In the first episode, I loved Bert. He was so cute. So polite. So gracious. I even voted him for fan favorite that week. But I change my mind. He's so rude. Him telling his partner (sorry, I don't know most of their names....) that he didn't know the difference between Elizabethan or Victorian or what Mae West would and wouldn't wear.... come on. Seriously? It's an interpretation... not exact, historically accurate replica.

Laura, step it up. Homegirl's from St. Louis, so I'm rooting for her. The red stilt dress showed that she isn't all bling and bright maxi dresses. Here's hoping that continues.


I looked up the results of the Glee Project before I watched it. It is still sitting in my DVR queue. And yes, I'm still going to watch even though I know the ending.


High School on MTV

MTV just cancelled Hard Times of RJ Berger, my guilty pleasure.

But I don't care because now they have Awkward.... and I'm not guilty of loving that show at all. It's awesome.

That is all.


I just emailed this to a friend.... and I figured it was easier than writing a blog post.

Thoughts on last night's RIVALS:

I'm not saying Laurel was okay in calling out Paula's anorexia and stuff, but why is it okay for Paula to be a total bitch to people (like Cara) if she can't take it? She said on the aftershow that she didn't know Cara was upset by it.... so what? Laurel didn't know you were upset by it til after she said it either.

I love Kenny when he is with Laurel and he is nice. Someday he will have t choose between his old friends (Paula, Johnny) and his new ones (Laurel). Not this season, but someday. Obviously Paula and Johnny aren't big fans of Laurel.... so if they are ever on another challenge together it will be like 2 alliances.

I sometimes forget Ev is even on this season. She's been quiet....

I can't believe Kenny + Wes and Johnny + Tyler didn't talk about what they were going to do if they were up against each other for elimination. I mean, didn't they think 'What if CT and Adam win (which was likely) and Lee and Mike lose (also likely).' It ended up being the opposite, but still. And WHY didn't everyone just cancel out their votes so CT and Adam made the final decision???? It should have gone down like this.... Paula/ Ev vote for Johnny and Tyler. Mandy/Jen vote for Kenny and Wes. Laurel/Cara for Johnny/Tyler. Mike and Lee vote for Kenny/Wes. Then Kenny Wes votes for Jonny Tyler and vice versa. That's three votes each, right? Then CT and Adam would have been about to pick. No one could be mad about that. Am I crazy? It seems too simple!

However, I am looking forward to a Johnny + Tyler + CT reunion in the elimination round! How funny that they are the two that had to go against him in the last challenge!


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