TV breaks for all...

So my life has been insane the last week or so.. and it isn't stopping anytime soon, so sorry for the lack of posts. I have about 20 hours of TV to catch up on. 

Props to Nickelodeon for celebrating 'National Get Outside and Play Day' on Friday. The suspended all programming between noon and 3pm!


No more Gossip... please

So I already declared that I was officially giving up on Gossip Girl (here is the proof), but everyone came up to me this week and said, "Danielle, before you give up on it, you have got to watch the newest episode!" 

So I did. 

And I was not impressed. 

I do not like Serena being a bitchy, queen bee. I just don't believe that a person can go from being a really nice person to such a bitch in one night. And I don't buy that her and Dan are done. They obviously still like each other and are just acting like stupid children playing games with each other. You know that eventually they will get back together. And, oh surprise surprise, Nate is mad at Vanessa again (big departure from the Vanessa being mad at Nate storyline). And Blair and Chuck's bantering is getting old. 

Oh and speaking of old, Rufus and Lilly? Please...

I'm done. 


Emmy madness

My week is insane and I am missing a lot of TV. I need some catch up time. But here are some Emmy thoughts..

With the exception of the million John Adams wins and one Pushing Daisies directorial nod, I didn't really like any of the winners. Not enough love for Pushing Daisies and Dexter, the two most original shows on television right now. Great job, Emmy pickers.


edge of my seat... watching Greek?

Yes, that is right. This week's episode of Greek had me on the edge of my seat at the end. Casey and Max forever! Soooo adorable. 

I  just love Max. His only flaw is that he isn't the typical 'frat' guy. ZBZ is obviously a huge part of Casey's life, and it will probably be tough for her to be with a guy who doesn't understand that. I predict lots of fights on this subject in the future, but I hope they work it out and stay together! Max is just what Casey needs! Cappie and Evan step aside...

Giving up on Gossip

And I am not the only one. For some reason, I just do not care what Gossip Girl has to say anymore, and I know a lot of other people who feel the same way. Yes, I love the sassy comments. Yes, I love the steamy scenes. Yes, I love the clothes. But the storylines? Not so much. 

How many times will Serena and Dan break up and get back together over the same stupid fight. She's rich. He's not. You like each other. End of story. Who cares! And Blair and Chuck? Ick. The only way for them to have some original stories is for them to introduce random characters that will create some drama and peace out (cough cough Georgina). 

I give up. Who's with me?


The Island is coming!

Get your swim trunks on and get in gear- The Island premieres Wednesday night!

My thoughts on the cast:
Abram: a true Challenger, he was kicked off the last one he did. This guy is known for his yelling, violence, and hookups in showers...
Ashli: one of the Sydney rookies. She is whiney. 
Cohutta: another Sydney rookie. He might do well, but like good guy Ace, he may be kicked off early...
Colie: Last year's winner as 'Biggest Playa', lets see who the 'make out slut' hooks up with this time. 
Dan: Missouri boy. Military boy. Rare Road Rules alum. I hope he goes far!
Dave: this little pitbull is coming straight from Hollywood. He has a temper (i.e. anger management classes last season?)
Derrick: another Challenger vet, he took home the big prize on Inferno III
Dunbar: major anger issues. I will not be surprised if someone (or something) gets majorly mucked up by this guy this season. 
Ev: yikes. she could kill me. 
Jenn: she's got a lot of fight in her and was sent home early on the last challenge. 
Johanna: no Wes on this challenge, or back in the real world, so we will see if the single gal makes waves on this season. 
Johnny: Challenge vet, but known more for partying than playing. 
KellyAnne: another Sydney alum, and Cohutta's former squeeze in Aussie, will the two reunite on this  island?
Kenny: what? no Evan!? I know, right. At least my boy Kenny is here. 
Paula: Always a contender. I love Paula. 
Rachel: yikes. This is her first time on a challenge with Ev and I see sparks flying between these two. 
Robin: a challenge vet, she 'just wants to know what it feels like to win.'
Ryan: he has surprised people in the past, can he do it again?
Tonya: I predict some Tonya-centric backstabbing and bickering this season, as usual. 
Tyrie: the big teddy bear returns! 

Are you as excited about this as I am? You better be! You can catch it Wednesday at 9pm or 10pm, and Thursday at 1am, 9:30am, or 7pm. Not to mention it will probably be up online at MTV.com

Casey and Max forever!

Okay, so first I was all about Casey and Cappie. Then, I switched to the Casey-Evan romance. They even had me last week a little with Casey and the hotness monster. But now, I am all about Max and Casey. You know, Max, that adorable, yet oddly mysterious RA. Of course, hot Max would show up just in time for the newly single Cappie to start thinking about Casey again as well as the very much not single Evan Chambers to start eyeing the girl who he would 'go off the map' for. 

Here is what we 'know' about our resident hottie:

1. He is hot. 
2. He dresses like he is going to 'climb a mountain.'
3. He isn't a great RA. 
4. He stays in his room a lot, yet doesn't unpack his stuff out of boxes (hmm sounds like someone I know...). 
5. He may or may not have worked for NASA. 
6. He is super smart. 
7. He knows how to count cards. 
8. He is hot (what? It deserved to be on the list twice). 

Seriously folks, what is he hiding? Any thoughts? Please share with me...


MTV wasted my Sunday

I just wasted two hours of my life watching the MTV VMAs. I knew they would be a waste of time anyway- I have homework and paperwork and cleaning and laundry to do- but I never guessed they would be as bad as they were.

1. Britney Spears won THREE awards. Yep. Three. Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and, the big one, Video of the Year. She beat out people like Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers- WTF? Rigged.
2. Britney Spears did NOT perform. Technically, yes, she did 'open' the show, as they said she would. But coming on stage and saying, "Welcome to the VMAs," should not be publicized as her 'opening' the show. Tsk tsk MTV.
3. Rihanna's super creepy 'Disturbia' performance. I saw the video for the first time the other day and it scared the hell out of me. Check it out here. I am too frightened to post it here.
4. The host. Seriously? Someone in the room said, "Who is that guy?" And our only response was, "Exactly." I guess he was a character on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that movie wasn't even that popular. Weird choice. And there was a lot of political blabbering in his opening monologue I could have done without. Agree or disagree- this is the VMAs. Maybe I just don't like to piss people off.
5. Christina had a lumpy midsection/thigh/bottom area. I know she just had a kid, but no one forced her to wear those pants.
6. Lil Wayne likes black briefs obviously. Pull your pants up and put on a shirt.
7. Lots of crotch grabbing going on tonight. Strange.
8. Where was this show? It looked like they set up folding chairs in a parking lot.
9. Tokio Hotel is creepy (see picture as reference) and I never thought they would win. But their accents are funny.
10. I kept hearing all week how Katy Perry was performing. Um, what was that? They barely gave her a time slot. She just sang during commercial breaks.
11. I do not read the Twilight books, but if I did, I would be pissed because Edward Cullen didn't get to speak. Stupid host.
12. Word to Rihanna- if you are going to wear a cropped jacket with no bra underneath and unzip it mid performance, you had better own it. She stood there the whole time holding it together like she was totally uncomfortable.
13. Kanye's closing performance. Good. By far, better than anything else that night. Yet, still disappointing. And I love me some Kanye.

Highlights? Barely. But the Jonas Brothers were super cute.


thoughts on this week's Greek

Greek on ABC Family
Episode 2

My thoughts? 

Frannie seemed more human than Casey for once... weird. I feel kind of bad for her, because it seems like Evan and her actually like each other and aren't just doing it to piss off Casey. 

The hotness monster is hot. And funny. And a good actor. And I think that he doesn't even know who Ashley is and Casey should keep dating him. I know she says she won't, but I hope this isn't the last we see of the monster. 

And finally, that RA is smokin'. Maybe it's just me because I like smart (i.e. maybe nerdy?) guys that may have once, or could possibly in the future, work for NASA. But I feel like something fishy is going on with him...

Either way, smokin'. 

And fun fact- both of these guys (hotness monster and the RA, aka Drew and Max) starred in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2as Leo and Kostos. 


Nanny Carrie is a psycho bitch.

Excuse my language, but seriously. That is all I can say about that episode. 

Except that I am also so happy Lucas picked Peyton, but would like a little more explanation. I mean, he ignores her and denies her for like ever and then suddenly they are happy-go-lucky in love? That won't last. 

And Brooke getting jumped at the end was not nice. 

Between Nanny Carrie, Victoria, Nathan's hostility for his mom's new bf, Dan, and Brooke's jumper, there was a whole lotta evil in that one hour episode, wasn't there?

A New Era

Tonight on the CW, television history is being made- or is it? 90210, a spin off/reincarnation of the famed Beverly Hills 90210 is premiering. I have probably watched two episodes of the original in my whole little life, but am, for some reason, stoked for this remake. Will you be checking it out?


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