MTV wasted my Sunday

I just wasted two hours of my life watching the MTV VMAs. I knew they would be a waste of time anyway- I have homework and paperwork and cleaning and laundry to do- but I never guessed they would be as bad as they were.

1. Britney Spears won THREE awards. Yep. Three. Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, and, the big one, Video of the Year. She beat out people like Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers- WTF? Rigged.
2. Britney Spears did NOT perform. Technically, yes, she did 'open' the show, as they said she would. But coming on stage and saying, "Welcome to the VMAs," should not be publicized as her 'opening' the show. Tsk tsk MTV.
3. Rihanna's super creepy 'Disturbia' performance. I saw the video for the first time the other day and it scared the hell out of me. Check it out here. I am too frightened to post it here.
4. The host. Seriously? Someone in the room said, "Who is that guy?" And our only response was, "Exactly." I guess he was a character on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that movie wasn't even that popular. Weird choice. And there was a lot of political blabbering in his opening monologue I could have done without. Agree or disagree- this is the VMAs. Maybe I just don't like to piss people off.
5. Christina had a lumpy midsection/thigh/bottom area. I know she just had a kid, but no one forced her to wear those pants.
6. Lil Wayne likes black briefs obviously. Pull your pants up and put on a shirt.
7. Lots of crotch grabbing going on tonight. Strange.
8. Where was this show? It looked like they set up folding chairs in a parking lot.
9. Tokio Hotel is creepy (see picture as reference) and I never thought they would win. But their accents are funny.
10. I kept hearing all week how Katy Perry was performing. Um, what was that? They barely gave her a time slot. She just sang during commercial breaks.
11. I do not read the Twilight books, but if I did, I would be pissed because Edward Cullen didn't get to speak. Stupid host.
12. Word to Rihanna- if you are going to wear a cropped jacket with no bra underneath and unzip it mid performance, you had better own it. She stood there the whole time holding it together like she was totally uncomfortable.
13. Kanye's closing performance. Good. By far, better than anything else that night. Yet, still disappointing. And I love me some Kanye.

Highlights? Barely. But the Jonas Brothers were super cute.

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