The Island is coming!

Get your swim trunks on and get in gear- The Island premieres Wednesday night!

My thoughts on the cast:
Abram: a true Challenger, he was kicked off the last one he did. This guy is known for his yelling, violence, and hookups in showers...
Ashli: one of the Sydney rookies. She is whiney. 
Cohutta: another Sydney rookie. He might do well, but like good guy Ace, he may be kicked off early...
Colie: Last year's winner as 'Biggest Playa', lets see who the 'make out slut' hooks up with this time. 
Dan: Missouri boy. Military boy. Rare Road Rules alum. I hope he goes far!
Dave: this little pitbull is coming straight from Hollywood. He has a temper (i.e. anger management classes last season?)
Derrick: another Challenger vet, he took home the big prize on Inferno III
Dunbar: major anger issues. I will not be surprised if someone (or something) gets majorly mucked up by this guy this season. 
Ev: yikes. she could kill me. 
Jenn: she's got a lot of fight in her and was sent home early on the last challenge. 
Johanna: no Wes on this challenge, or back in the real world, so we will see if the single gal makes waves on this season. 
Johnny: Challenge vet, but known more for partying than playing. 
KellyAnne: another Sydney alum, and Cohutta's former squeeze in Aussie, will the two reunite on this  island?
Kenny: what? no Evan!? I know, right. At least my boy Kenny is here. 
Paula: Always a contender. I love Paula. 
Rachel: yikes. This is her first time on a challenge with Ev and I see sparks flying between these two. 
Robin: a challenge vet, she 'just wants to know what it feels like to win.'
Ryan: he has surprised people in the past, can he do it again?
Tonya: I predict some Tonya-centric backstabbing and bickering this season, as usual. 
Tyrie: the big teddy bear returns! 

Are you as excited about this as I am? You better be! You can catch it Wednesday at 9pm or 10pm, and Thursday at 1am, 9:30am, or 7pm. Not to mention it will probably be up online at MTV.com

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