Casey and Max forever!

Okay, so first I was all about Casey and Cappie. Then, I switched to the Casey-Evan romance. They even had me last week a little with Casey and the hotness monster. But now, I am all about Max and Casey. You know, Max, that adorable, yet oddly mysterious RA. Of course, hot Max would show up just in time for the newly single Cappie to start thinking about Casey again as well as the very much not single Evan Chambers to start eyeing the girl who he would 'go off the map' for. 

Here is what we 'know' about our resident hottie:

1. He is hot. 
2. He dresses like he is going to 'climb a mountain.'
3. He isn't a great RA. 
4. He stays in his room a lot, yet doesn't unpack his stuff out of boxes (hmm sounds like someone I know...). 
5. He may or may not have worked for NASA. 
6. He is super smart. 
7. He knows how to count cards. 
8. He is hot (what? It deserved to be on the list twice). 

Seriously folks, what is he hiding? Any thoughts? Please share with me...

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