first FOUR minutes of LOST!

Seriously, this is real. What does it mean?! Did time reset? Looks like it... but I have a feeling that they still KNOW what happened. The look on Jack and Rose's faces are a bit too knowing, don't ya think? Or maybe it is just a dream that Jack is having... ARG


Amazing LOST video

It's kind of long... a staggering 10 minutes... but this 'Flight 815 Crash in Real Time' is amazing.

I miss Jersey Shore

Sam's out, Paula's in?!

Samantha Harris decided to step down as cohost of DWTS.

Did I care? Not really. Let's be honest, Tom Bergeron is the real star of the show. The only contribution Samantha made was pretty dresses.

But with the speculation that Paula Abdul might replace, now I really care. Please, NO PAULA!


does Dexter drive a Charger?

I make no excuses about my love for Dexter and for its star, Michael C Hall. I also love Dodge Chargers and their aggressive front ends. But combining the two is... just weird.

Maybe it's just me, but hearing my favorite serial killer's voice doesn't make me want to rush and buy this car. It makes me think he is going to jump into/out of that car and murder someone (as he should).

Dexter just has a ton of voiceovers from Hall. We listen to him talk like this for half an episode. I just think Dodge made a weird choice on this one...


Lowe, Flockhart, who else wants to jump ship?

There has been a lot of news that interested me this week: the iPad, a little Lost scoop, my new blog... But you know what doesn't interest me? This horrible news about Brothers and Sisters.

It was reported last week that Rob Lowe would be leaving at the end of the season, and (if that wasn't enough), now we find out Calista Flockhart will be limiting her appearances on the ABC drama.

W. T. F.

It's being said that Calista's limited season is the reason Rob is leaving. He already feels that his character is underused, and with his wife being around less, that probably means even less screen time for him.

So what do you think will happen to the McCallisters? Here are my guesses:
1. Heart attack for Robert.
2. Kitty moves to DC
3. Cancer for Kitty.
4. Kitty cheats on Robert and he divorces her once and for all.
5. Robert steals a bunch of money, goes AWOL and moves to Mexico. Oh wait....

It obviously could be a combination of any of these, but I kind of hope he dies and Kitty moves to DC. I think the infidelity last season and cancer this season were kind of just brushed over and could/should be revisited, but they have come so far and just want a happy ending. Then again, Robert dying isn't exactly happy...


everyone loves GLEE

If I have to wait until April for Glee to come back, I'm going to have to indulge in some fan tributes. Here are a few of my favorites....

Oh, but before you do that, head over to Girls Guide and read my new post about my love for Glee.

This flash mob in Rome blows me away. Incredible. How do I sign up for one of these?

This guy sings both the male AND female parts of 'Don't Stop Beleivin'

Mark Salling (Puck's) tribute to his Glee family gave me goosebumps. Adorable.

While I don't enjoy anyone messing with my favorite Glee kids, or my favorite song of all time, this Alvin and the Chipmunks inspired 'Somebody to Love' is hilarious.


Golden Globes Top 10

1. Paul McCartney: Any one that really knows me, knows that I really do not like the Beatles. I did, however, love the way Sir McCartney introduced the nominees for Best Animated Film. "Animation is not just for ids- it's also for adults who take drugs." Plus, the Brit being there allowed for a great joke from host Ricky Gervais, who said Paul had to ride coach on the flight over because 'he spent quite a bit of money last year' (in reference to his costly divorce). Magnificent.

2. Colin Farrell: Gervais went off on a tangent, talking about how the Globes doesn't care about stereotypes like the one that "all Irishmen are drunk, swear-y hell-raisers." He pauses before saying, "Please welcome Colin Farrell." Colin handles it well, sighing and saying, "Ah, I used to be a stereotype."

3. Mel Gibson: I suppose all of these are really a credit to host Gervais than the celebs themselves but anyway... Gervais, a known drinker, quips, "I like a drink as much as the next man... unless the next man is Mel Gibson." Que the 'Oh snaps!'

4. Mo'nique: It is still weird for me to see the comedian and past Charm School host sharing the limelight with 'serious' actors, but her acceptance speech was perhaps the most heartfelt and eloquent of the night. Sure the call to action against domestic abuse is great, but what really go me was her shout out to her husband. She says that she looked at him when she was 14 years old and said, 'Baby, one day we're gonna be stars.' To which he replied, 'You first.' Awwwww.

5. Meryl Streep: "In my long career, I've played so many great women, I'm basically getting mistaken for one." That is why people love her. Oh and PS she set a Golden Globe record for her 7th win.

6. James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow: The directors (Avatar and The Hurt Locker, both major frontrunners for Best Director and Best Picture) used to be married. Awk-ward.

7. Wins for Mad Men, Michael C Hall, John Lithgow, Glee: Rightly so. Well done my friends, well done.

8. Martin Scorsese: The Cecil B DeMille Award winner got a super introduction from his pal Leo. Mr. DiCaprio likened the director to big names like DaVinci and Beethoven, and said, "In a thousand years, when people look back at the history of film, they will remember the name Martin Scorsese." Oh and my favorite remark? "If the roles were reversed, DeMille would be honored to receive the Martin Scorsese Award." Bromance.

9. Robert Downey Jr: In his 'acceptance' speech, he decided 'not' to thank anyone else because the 'needed him' (especially to hold up against Avatar at the box office!). "And I'm certainly not going to thank my wife!" Hilarious.

10. Julia Roberts: "NBC, you're in the toilet," she says to Billy Bush on the red carpet. "Well, you might not be in the toilet, but you've got problems!" Epic. Win.


GREEK in danger?!

It is no secret: I love GREEK. So I was devastated when I saw this on EW.com

Question: Is Greek really in danger of being canceled? —Lisa
I heard rumblings to that effect, but it wasn’t until ABC Family basically renewed every single one of its scripted programs except Greek this week that the show’s bubble status really hit me. I’m told ABC Family execs will be looking very closely at the ratings for the show’s premiere on Jan. 25, so, please, tell everyone and your sister to watch it.

Four words.
You. Must. Watch. Greek.

It is simple. Even if you (are crazy and) never watched before, you will catch on (and fall in love) right away.

Just do it for me please.

I'm with COCO

I took a break from my five hour LOST marathon last night to catch a new episode of Conan.

I'll admit, I don't really watch a ton of late night. Now that I'm 'old' (i.e not in college), I go to bed before the late night programming even starts. But when I was in college, I loved watching late night television.

I got hooked on Conan when I was working at a little NBC-affiliate station known as KOMU. I would sit in the 'blue room' and they would have NBC playing all day long. I worked Thursdays from, oh I don't know, like noon to midnight (worst shift ever for a Thursday-loving Mizzou student). My favorite part of the night was when Conan would come on (maybe because it was also almost time to go home?).

Anyway, Conan makes me laugh. Out loud. Leno can't do that. Even Letterman can't. Conan is crazy. Crazy hilarious.

The show last night was no exception. My favorite part from his monologue was his message to kids everywhere- "You can do what ever you want in life... unless Jay Leno wants to do it."

Oh, and his list of 'changes' NBC is making to the Olympics. That was golden. Go to the Tonight Show's website to check out the clip, and while you're there, read the blog. I can't believe NBC is letting the site stay up through all of this.

His entire interview with Ricky Gervais (a comic genius) was insane. Ricky kept asking him, "Seriously, what are you going to do?" It was so natural. Like watching two buddies joke around.

Bottom line: I heart CoCo. And I despise that man with the giant chin (click here to read my Girls Guide post on the subject. I promise it is more thought out than this horrific rambling post).


[Reblog]: I loathe that giant chin: TV & Movies Maven weighs in on the late night wars

Note: This post originally appeared on Girls Guide to the Galaxy when I was a TV & Movies contributor. The site has since gone under, and I'm not sure how much longer these posts will still exist. But they were good. And I don't want to loose them. To see the original, click here

JANUARY 13, 2010 -

We all know about the shuffle that is going on in late night programming right now. In fact, it is such a big deal, it was right alongside Haiti news on the cover of the New York Times this morning. 

In case that rock you live under doesn’t get the New York Times, here’s the deal: after Leno’s contract for The Tonight Show expired last year, NBC decided they didn’t want to lose such a hot commodity – and rightly so, Leno had great ratings, often beating Letterman. To keep Leno around they decided to give him a primetime show at 9 pm (central time, of course). This turned out to be a disaster (I’ll tell you why in a minute…). 

So now NBC is doing damage control, and not very well, in my opinion. Sunday they announced that they would move Leno back to late night, with a half-hour show at 10:35 pm (the old Tonight Show spot). This pushes Conan back to 11:05 pm, and Jimmy Fallon to 12:05 am (I assume this all means Last Call with Carson Daly is cancelled, but whatever. He should probably just go resurrect TRL from the MTV graveyard). This is/was supposed to go in effect after the Winter Olympics are over. 

Welp, yesterday, Conan decided that he doesn’t like this plan, and gave NBC an ultimatum: Leave his show alone, or he will leave. 

Dun, dun, dunnnnnn. 

All along, you’ve probably been asking yourself, “I wonder what Girls Guide’s TV & Movies Maven thinks of all this?” Well, your prayers have been answered. I am here to tell you that I hate Leno. 

This is really no surprise to most people. I have complained about the Leno primetime show ever since NBC started drilling the idea into our minds with obnoxious amounts of advertising this summer. In fact, the ‘Leno’ topic has been on my list of blog post ideas since I started writing for Girls Guide this fall. And now that all this hoopla has started I feel it is my duty to share with you the reasons I hate Leno (and NBC) for moving to primetime… and now moving back to late night. 

I value scripted television 
This is perhaps my number one reason for hating the Leno primetime move. I love television (no surprise there), and while I do think talk shows and reality programs have a place, nothing – I repeat, nothing – beats a quality, scripted program. Leno took over a time slot once occupied by classics like ER. I understand that producing an hour-long talk show is way cheaper than producing a one hour long, but still. NBC used to be a good network, with quality programming. Leno’s primetime show? Not so much. 

His show is not funny 
I’ll admit, I had always been on ‘Team Leno.’ I thought he was funny. And I’ll also admit that the only time I have ever, ever, watched this new show was for his first episode. And I only watched it because the musical guests included Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye (fresh off the VMA debacle the night before). I didn’t even stick around for the whole show. I turned it off as soon as the interview/performance was over. 

But I don’t have to watch the show to know it’s not funny. How do I know it’s not funny? Because no one else is watching it either. 

It hurt NBC affiliates 
Here is how it works. You watch your favorite 9 pm show, then when it ends the local news starts, and then you watch that. 

Most people don’t change the channel, they just stick with the channel they are on. So if no one is watching Leno at 9 pm, then no one is watching the NBC-affiliated news that airs after him. I’m sure it isn’t true in every market, but the Leno primetime move hurt a lot of local news stations. As if they weren’t struggling enough?! 

It hurt the good shows that NBC actually has 
Ratings have been down for most NBC shows- even the long-running Law & Order. If you look at ratings, NBC shows rarely appear in the top 10, even top 20 (and when they do, it’s usually football). NBC actually has good shows- 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Law & Order SVU- but the network did them no favors pairing them up with Leno. Maybe if they had a better lineup more people would watch, they would make more money in advertising, and they wouldn’t need to cut costs by filling their time with a giant chin. Just sayin’. 

The good news about all of this? At least with a full, five-hours of primetime opening up you can almost guarantee that none of your favorite (albeit unpopular) NBC shows will get cancelled. Even if the shows have small followings (cough, cough, Heroes), NBC will most likely keep them around to fill the void left by Leno. 

Conan, Kimmel, Fallon, Handler 
All these guys (and gal) are, in my opinion, funnier that Leno. They also do better in the 18-49 year-old demographic, which appeals most to advertisers. I vote we ditch the old guy altogether and stuck with these late night hosts instead. 

The people have spoken 
While I know that my opinion is the only one that matters, I thought it was important to note that most people agree with me. In a TVGuide.com poll, 83 percent of voters said Conan deserves to stay. 

So that settles it. Leno is a menace to television. NBC made a lot of bad decisions. They need to fire Leno, give Conan a raise, and oh, while they are at it, do some more promotion for one of my new favorite comedies, Community

Thank you, and good night.


I apologize

My life is too consumed by LOST to think about any other TV show. I know there are new episodes of my other favorites like Fringe and Grey's on this week, as well as the 100th episode of HIMYM that I missed last night, but I just don't care. They can wait.

When will I return to my regular viewing schedule? Let's see... I have ten episodes left before the season 6 premiere in February, and I'll probably be able to finish those up by the end of the weekend. So sit tight.

And enjoy some of my favorite LOST promo videos...


Sorry I haven't been posting very regularly lately. My life is consumed by my rewatching of the entire LOST series (30 episodes to go in just 28 days!).

When I'm not watching old episodes, I can't pull myself away from scouring the internet for new promos. I'll try to remember to post my favorites here!


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