I'm with COCO

I took a break from my five hour LOST marathon last night to catch a new episode of Conan.

I'll admit, I don't really watch a ton of late night. Now that I'm 'old' (i.e not in college), I go to bed before the late night programming even starts. But when I was in college, I loved watching late night television.

I got hooked on Conan when I was working at a little NBC-affiliate station known as KOMU. I would sit in the 'blue room' and they would have NBC playing all day long. I worked Thursdays from, oh I don't know, like noon to midnight (worst shift ever for a Thursday-loving Mizzou student). My favorite part of the night was when Conan would come on (maybe because it was also almost time to go home?).

Anyway, Conan makes me laugh. Out loud. Leno can't do that. Even Letterman can't. Conan is crazy. Crazy hilarious.

The show last night was no exception. My favorite part from his monologue was his message to kids everywhere- "You can do what ever you want in life... unless Jay Leno wants to do it."

Oh, and his list of 'changes' NBC is making to the Olympics. That was golden. Go to the Tonight Show's website to check out the clip, and while you're there, read the blog. I can't believe NBC is letting the site stay up through all of this.

His entire interview with Ricky Gervais (a comic genius) was insane. Ricky kept asking him, "Seriously, what are you going to do?" It was so natural. Like watching two buddies joke around.

Bottom line: I heart CoCo. And I despise that man with the giant chin (click here to read my Girls Guide post on the subject. I promise it is more thought out than this horrific rambling post).

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