Golden Globes Top 10

1. Paul McCartney: Any one that really knows me, knows that I really do not like the Beatles. I did, however, love the way Sir McCartney introduced the nominees for Best Animated Film. "Animation is not just for ids- it's also for adults who take drugs." Plus, the Brit being there allowed for a great joke from host Ricky Gervais, who said Paul had to ride coach on the flight over because 'he spent quite a bit of money last year' (in reference to his costly divorce). Magnificent.

2. Colin Farrell: Gervais went off on a tangent, talking about how the Globes doesn't care about stereotypes like the one that "all Irishmen are drunk, swear-y hell-raisers." He pauses before saying, "Please welcome Colin Farrell." Colin handles it well, sighing and saying, "Ah, I used to be a stereotype."

3. Mel Gibson: I suppose all of these are really a credit to host Gervais than the celebs themselves but anyway... Gervais, a known drinker, quips, "I like a drink as much as the next man... unless the next man is Mel Gibson." Que the 'Oh snaps!'

4. Mo'nique: It is still weird for me to see the comedian and past Charm School host sharing the limelight with 'serious' actors, but her acceptance speech was perhaps the most heartfelt and eloquent of the night. Sure the call to action against domestic abuse is great, but what really go me was her shout out to her husband. She says that she looked at him when she was 14 years old and said, 'Baby, one day we're gonna be stars.' To which he replied, 'You first.' Awwwww.

5. Meryl Streep: "In my long career, I've played so many great women, I'm basically getting mistaken for one." That is why people love her. Oh and PS she set a Golden Globe record for her 7th win.

6. James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow: The directors (Avatar and The Hurt Locker, both major frontrunners for Best Director and Best Picture) used to be married. Awk-ward.

7. Wins for Mad Men, Michael C Hall, John Lithgow, Glee: Rightly so. Well done my friends, well done.

8. Martin Scorsese: The Cecil B DeMille Award winner got a super introduction from his pal Leo. Mr. DiCaprio likened the director to big names like DaVinci and Beethoven, and said, "In a thousand years, when people look back at the history of film, they will remember the name Martin Scorsese." Oh and my favorite remark? "If the roles were reversed, DeMille would be honored to receive the Martin Scorsese Award." Bromance.

9. Robert Downey Jr: In his 'acceptance' speech, he decided 'not' to thank anyone else because the 'needed him' (especially to hold up against Avatar at the box office!). "And I'm certainly not going to thank my wife!" Hilarious.

10. Julia Roberts: "NBC, you're in the toilet," she says to Billy Bush on the red carpet. "Well, you might not be in the toilet, but you've got problems!" Epic. Win.


Kristin said...

You also have to love Chloe Sevigny's win! I know Big Love doesn't have the following that Dexter or Glee have, for example, but she had a great season and deserved that win. And, you gotta love her dress being ripped!!

chelsea said...

nice to see a golden globe post NOT about fashion!!


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