"Boardwalk Empire" Final Season

"Masters of Sex" Season 2 Trailer

They've teased a "darker" season 2, and you definitely get a sense of that in this trailer. I kind of worried Virgina and Bill getting together would ruin things, but the intrigue/conflict of them sneaking around should last for a season or two, don't you think?

Also really excited at this hint of ditching Virginia from the study, as she is "just" a secretary. That came up a lot last season, and I suspect as they move the study to new hospitals / labs, her contribution to the study will have to be justified even moreso.


The worst thing about the Hannibal finale was...


The past month, I've caught up on Season 1 and 2 of Hannibal – which is an awesome, awesome show, by the way. Last night, I finally watched the Season 2 finale and (again, SPOILER ALERT) pretty much every character's life hangs in the balance.

Jack's wife. Jack. Dr. Bloom. Will. Abigail (Abigail is alive?!). And Dr. Lector flies off to paradise with Gillian Anderson, that two-timing bi-otch.

– Side note, speaking of two-timing - were you shocked (shocked!) that Will called Lector to warn him that "they know" instead of warning Jack that "he knows"? I don't believe that Will was on either side really- he wanted Jack the peace of knowing the truth, but wanted Hannibal to get away, to run. But still. Won't Will have to deal with the guilt that it is basically his fault that Jack and Dr. Bloom (maybe) died?

Anyway, the WORST part in all this is that if everyone dies – except Will of course, we know he has to live (right?) – the only lead character left will be stupid Cynthia Nixon.

Wimp womp.


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