Word on the street...

Brother and Sisters
This spring's season finale may be the best episode of the season. There's an outing, a wedding, an arrest, a big kiss, a corporate shakeup and a reveal that will leave one Walker in stunned. It has been called 'the kind of TV that will give you chills.'

Desperate Housewives
Mike needs to keep his mouth shut. He recently spilled that a few actors shot their final scenes already. Only the big four are safe.

Gossip Girl
So I missed Monday's episode...but, word is Blair and Chuck keep dancing around each other; Lily will walk down the aisle with Bart, even though things may not be finished with Rufus; Serena struggles and who comes to her aid? Dan? No- Nate, Chuck, and B; Little Eric van der Woodsen hooks up with Jenny's new BF (yes, that's boyfriend, not best friend)

One Tree Hill
Do we care that Dan is dying? How many times has he almost died? Seriously- we need a bigger shocker. How 'bout Leyton news? There may be a tiny glimmer of hope when Peyton reads Lucas' book. But what about Brucas? That little family picture looked nice didn't it...

Our super-sized finale features a supersecret Sawyer scene ('bout time! If he dies I will kill someone!). It is supposedly the 'game changer.' Also, Charlotte has an interesting scene coming up soon, so watch for that...

Grey's Anatomy
Meredith's bear-attack brain-tumor guy will bring her closer to Derek, as expected.

Want to see some bad dancing?

Watch this video of Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough. She is just terrible. Please kick her off tonight.

I know I usually post the best dance of the night, but that one was just terrible. Why is she still on the show? If she doesn't get kicked off tonight, something is wrong with America.

My top picks are definitely Mario, Kristi, and Jason- duh. I feel like we should just cut to the chase and have the finals already. I hope that Jason can pull out a win, because he is my fave! And Edyta has been on the show for-ev-er (seriously, the only pro to have danced on all six seasons). And I loved his NFL-themed paso doble! It reminded me of Joey and Kym's Star Wars dance, my favorite ever, back in Season 4. Go Jason!


Unreal- these hour long episodes have got to go

I will be the first to say it- I hate the new Real World.

Not the cast, not the city, but this time, the whole show in general. These hour long episodes are killing it! 

At first I guessed that MTV decided to make it a 13 week season just so they could cram more series' into their lineup. If a shorter Real World means more challenges, I'm game. But now I'm starting to think it was more like a lack of effort in the editing room, or a lack of story altogether, that made them go to the longer episode, shorter season formula. 

Take last night's episode, for example. Major issues covered include, but are not limited to:
-Sarah fighting with her boyfriend
-Will trying to 'woo' Sarah
-Greg being isolated.. and then all of the sudden being their friend. What happened in between?
-Dave inviting a girl back, and the girls getting pissed off
-Sarah inviting a girl back, and the boys getting pissed off
-Kim and Dave cuddling (please hook up)
-Kim and Bri's blowout fight
-Joey and Bri's budding romance
-introduction to Joey's Hulk-like persona... and them him deciding he is 'over' the partying lifestyle

And that's just what I remember! Oh, and just to add my two cents- I have seen my fair share of 21st birthdays by now and I would say you probably could have made a whole episode out of Sarah's night...

The previews for next week already show the big Joey meltdown that is the centerpiece for their 'This season, on the Real World' ads. It is only week 3! What is going on for the next 10 weeks?

MTV had a formula that worked- for 20 seasons! Take seven kids, put them in a house in a new city, give them a job, let them hang out and do their thing without much interference, and BOOM! Hit TV series. You laugh, you cry, you wince at the drama. To all the haters out there- get over yourself- this was good television. Now, not so much. 


Dancing... into my heart!

If you would have asked me last week how I felt about this season of Dancing with the Stars, you wouldn't have received a very enthusiastic reply. I just wasn't feeling it. 

Monday night, that all changed. 

Finally! These guys were amazing! So what, their group dance sucks. So what, there hasn't been a perfect thirty yet. At least they are finally doing quality dances...

My fave of the night? Obviously, Kristi and Mark's jive. It reminded me of the jive he did with my favorite Cheetah girl Sabrina, but who cares! Check it out...

Seriously, that was just my absolute favorite. I wish I could have put more up but I just learned about this 'entire act' thing in comm law, so yeah...
And what about Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth shacking up? Kind of sick. Plus, I think they are milking it for votes.


Gossip Girl returns- OMFG?

Pardon my French, but were was the 'F' in this episode?

For all their risque marketing, I didn't really think the episode was very scandalous. Jenny steals a dress to try and fit in with her rich friends? Saw that coming. Asking Nate for money and running away to his house? Weird, but not OMFG-worthy. And so what, Serena has a mean friend 'G' coming. Do I care? And Michelle Trachtenberg, really? The Ice Princess? Harriet the Spy? Not who I would have wanted. 

Come on Gossip Girl! I miss all the scandals! The lies! The cheating! The romance! give me something!


My fave family returns!

How much did you love having the Walkers back tonight? 

Here are my highlights from tonight's Brothers & Sisters episode (in no particular order):
-the Walker children's shenanigans (group phone sessions, spreading secrets, hiding in the kitchen- with alcohol of course)
- Kitty and Robert's chemistry. They are so cute when they are happy! Too bad we know that won't last.
- the comment about Rebecca's bangs finally growing out. A clever shout out to all the bang-hating fans out there. Nicely done writers!
-Nora yelling at her kids. You go girl. 
-Kitty telling Nora to stay and that she needed her. Tear. 
- When Nora told Kitty that it feels like nothing ever happens, like for real, until she tells someone she loves about it. So true. 

...and some lowlights:
-Sarah not signing the China agreement because she doesn't want business to affect her relationship. Saul is so right on this one- her relationship is affecting their business! As much as I want her and Grant to be together, I'm pretty sure he is using her.
-Rebecca and Justin. Stay away from each other. 'Nuff said.


Lost news from Carlton and Damon

So my favorite Lost creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof spilled some dish about the rest of this season…

Unfortunately, they aren’t disclosing any info on deaths this season. Usually, we would know, say, five people would die before the finale, or some hint like that, but not this year. I guess considering they already gave away the six people who make it off the island, they have a right to keep some secrets.

However, Carlton admits that “There are definitely some very large and seismic events that will happen to our castaways between now and the end of the season.”

They also admit big things for Claire- and she is the one I’ve been hearing all the death rumors about. Please don’t kill that innocent little Aussie. Jack needs a sister!

Here is some interesting thoughts on what I will just call the ‘flashes’ (time travel confuses me) from Damon:
“There is the story on the island, which we perceive to be the present, and then there’s the story of the Oceanic 6, which is happening off the island in the future. But if we were to switch perspectives at any time and suddenly we were off the island, focusing on the Oceanic 6 trying to get back, that would be the present, and what was happening back on the island would be either a parallel present, possibly a future, possibly a past. Who knows? So when you hear that whoosh noise, the question becomes ‘Where does it take you?”

Confused? Ah, the joys of Lost.

Also, in romance news-
Skaters and Jaters get ready- there is plenty more romantic drama for everyone’s favorite love triangle this season.
What about Jack and Juliet? Their relationship will be ’explored’ in the second episode back, May 1.
Also, the creators are eager to work with the ‘epic’ love story of our favorite constants- Penny and Desmond. Aww.

Remember when?
We will be learning more about Charles Widmore as the series progresses. Word is we will be seeing him ‘sooner, rather than later.’ Duh, duh, duuuh.
Also, remember that huge four-toed statue we saw on the coast way back when? The foot will return to the show and we will get some answers (which will probably lead to more questions…)

Desperate for viewers?

Desperate Housewives was new on Sunday? Really?

Yes, yes it is true. Although, being the avid fan I am, I knew it was a new episode (and if you've been reading this blog, as you should, you knew too), but many fans did not get the memo- apparently.

The Sunday 're-do', as I like to call it, hit a record low in viewership for any new DH episode. The show averages 18.9 million viewers, but last week only brought in about 16 million. Viewership was down an estimated 15 percent according to Nielson Media Research.

DH's James Denton (aka Mike the hot plumber who needs to get out of rehab ASAP) blames ABC's lack of promotion for their dwindeling numbers. While he admits that 16 million viewers is a 'victory', he doesn't think the network did a good job marketing the return.

I disagree. I saw a ton of commercials and ads online. I'll tell you what the problem is- people aren't watching TV anymore. Since the strike took away all of their favorite shows, they have just been watching less TV. Ratings are down for lots of shows, like American Idol, which I estimate is watched in every television in America, the World, the Universe, except mine. It used to be that you were getting your usual drama fix on Thursday night watching Grey's and then you'd catch a commercial for DH's new episode on Sunday, kindly reminding you to tune in. But people aren't being reminded! Someone remind them please!

Also, I think the chicas of Wisteria Lane are already struggling if the reports about some sort of time jump are true. Taking a hint from the once failing One Tree Hill folks? Now the Tree Hill gang is killing it this season with their four year jump, and there are rumors that DH is thinking of doing somehting similar. Sounds very desperate if you ask me.


Real World 20: Broken Dreams

First off, I cannot take credit for that clever title. Today on MTV, they were showing a 'pop up' version of last night's Real World 20: Hollywood premier, and boy, was that funny! Really added some humor to a rather serious season...

But really. These people are all like I want to be an actor, a journalist, a singer... after this show? Doubtful. Very doubtful. Actors, maybe. Will the producer, maybe. The 'entertainment' reporter, most definitely going to get a job on TV Guide Channel. But the girl who says she wants to be a broadcast journalist? Psh. Not after the Real World. And what kind of lunatic graduates from college, ASU no less, at age 20! She must be crazy. 

What are the thoughts on 'pretyboy'? 'Prety' annoying if you ask me. Maybe it is just a front and he will break down and become like the nicest guy in the house or something. But again, doubtful. 

I'm not diggin' the whole 13 one-hour episode deal. I like my 26 weeks of half-hour shows better, but what can ya do? 

What do we think about this twentieth season? Still as good as it once was?


Another reason to hate Mondays

We all hate Mondays. That is pretty much a given. Back to school, back to class, back to meetings, no more fun. At least there is good TV though, right? RIGHT! Problem is- there is too much good TV on Mondays!

Greek (7pm, ABC Family)
Gossip Girl (7pm, CW)
One Tree Hill (8pm, CW)
The Hills (9pm, MTV)

Who wants to buy me TiVo?

Lost on the Web (6th edition)

I saw this on youtube, and it made me chuckle. Enjoy!


and 24 hours later...

So I just finished watching both seasons of Dexter. Yes, that's right, all 24 hours of it in less than one week. Sad, but true. Now, you may think I have my life back, but I don't. All I want is more Dex! Somebody help!

Thank you, seat42f. That was so weird. I just now went to search the web for some Dexter stuff to write about and, low and behold, seat42f had an interview with Doakes himself (aka Erik King) right on their main page. Check it out if you want, but it doesn't reveal much. 

To get us all in the Dexter mood, check out the opening credits, which by the way, won an Emmy. Creepy? Yes. But awesome? Oh, yes. 
Rumor has it, the new season starts in October, but can I wait that long? Of course not. So I checked in with some 'spoilers'. 

I put that in quotes because these come from an interview way back before the strike ended, so really, they are just ideas from show writer Clyde Phillips. According to Phillips, in the third season, Dexter is coming into his 'adulthood' and taking his life in his own hands. We kind of saw a bit of that in the second season, what with his now broken relationship with his father. But will Dex still live by the code? I think so. We can also expect Dex's relationship with Rita to still be going strong. Thank god. Please leave the psycho English vampires out this time, would ya? Lila gives me the creeps! Check out more of his interview at E!Online. 

October, huh? Long time away. In the meantime, one of my favorite places to go for a Dexter fix is Showtime's Wiki site. It is linked from the main Dexter page, and it is a site built completely by the fans! It has all kinds of stuff- comparisons between the books and the show, between the CBS and Showtime versions, quizzes, trivia, everything a Dexter fan could dream of!

But does it have enough content to keep me occupied for the next six months? 


Get out your calendars!

Get ready for all your favorite shows to start flooding back, starting this week. Yipee!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to report to you on all of your faves, so I just do mine (haha, evil laugh). No really, if I could watch every show on TV, I probably would, but right now I have to focus on the select few. And I don't feel like waiving my spoiler flag, so I will try not to reveal anything huge, just hints as to what we can expect for the remainder of the seasons...

Desperate Housewives (returns THIS Sunday, April 13 at 8pm on ABC): Drugs in Gabrielle's house! Kayla causing trouble! Susan's 'studly' cousin Tim!
One Tree Hill (returns Monday, April 14 at 8pm on CW): A baby for Brooke? Love for Peyton and Lucas? Naley reunion? Wouldn't you like to know...

Real World (PREMIERES Wednesday, April 16 at 9pm on MTV): 20 seasons, can you believe it? To be honest, the previews for this season scare the hell out of me. 

Brothers and Sisters (returns Sunday, April 20 at 9pm on ABC): DNA tests! Presidential primaries! Bachelor parties!

Gossip Girl (returns Monday, April 21 at 7pm on CW): Boy, it's been a long time since we checked in with the Upper East-siders.

Grey’s Anatomy (returns Thursday, April 24 at 8pm on ABC): What's new with Mere and Dere? Izzie and George? Do we care? Undecided.

Lost (returns Thursday, April 24 at 9pm on ABC- right after Grey's): A dead body in the first episode back! A 'spectacular' kiss in the finale! Oops, maybe that was too specific. 


My friends are scared...

I am addicted to Dexter. I seriously cannot stop watching this show. Last week, I finally decided to start watching it online, and so far I have watched 17 episodes (count ‘em 17). That puts me at the sixth episode of season 2 (which I will probably watch tonight before I go to bed). In case you've never heard of it (which you probably haven’t), here is a rundown. I promise I will try not to ruin anything for you.

Basically, Dexter is a seriel killer. Wait- don’t stop reading yet. First of all, he only kills bad guys. Second, Michael C. Hall is good looking.

Dexter had something traumatizing happen to him when he was a kid, before he was adopted by Harry Morgan, a cop. Dex grew up learning Harry’s ‘code’ and hangin’ with his sister, Deb. Now they both work for the police department- Dex in forensics and Deb in homicide. In Dex’s free time, he finds murderers that were never convicted and kills them.

Now, I’m not making him out to be a superhero- Dexter isn’t doing this to be some sort of hero. He really does have a dark urge to kill. Harry taught him the ‘code’ to satisfy his urges and rid the world of bad guys all at once. Noble, huh? But there is just something about Dexter that makes you overlook the fact the he is a killer. Plus, it is a lot less gruesome than I thought it would be- nothing worse than I have seen on Grey’s.

You should really check it out. There have been just 24 episodes of this brilliant little show, with a third season coming sometime this year. It is on Showtime, but now you can’t use that as an excuse. The first season is playing on CBS on Sundays at 9pm, or you can watch it online. I like to use watchdexteronline.net.

Seriously, I know the show sounds weird, but you should give it a chance! The only thing that scares me is that by the end of the week, I probably won't have any new episodes to watch...


20 years in the making

Awards season. Tony's. Oscars's. Globe's. They've got nothing on this show- The Real World Awards Bash. 
Believe it or not, this upcoming season (Hollywood) marks the 20th installment of the reality show that started it all. MTV brought back cast members from all 20 seasons for one big bash at a mansion in LA, and let me tell you, I was all grins the whole show. Seriously, I was so happy to see my old faves I couldn't stop smiling!

Real Worlders I love (by season, not by amount of love I feel for them):
Eric (NY), Syrus (Boston), Dan (Miami), Nate, David, Lindsey, Janet (Seattle), Tech, Ruthie (Hawaii), Danny (New Orleans), Mike, Coral, Lori, Malik (Back to NY), Alton (Las Vegas), Ace, Mallory (Paris), Robin, Jacquese, Brad, Cameran, Randy (San Diego), Landon, MJ (Philadelphia), Johanna (Austin), Johnny Bananas, Paula Walnuts, Zach, Svetlana (Key West), Colie (Denver), Isaac, Cohutta (Sydney)

Now, the main focus of the reunion was actually the Real World Awards. In my opinion, there was way too much love goin around for the recent seasons, both in the winners and the nominees (read a lot of Austin, Denver, icky). I prefer the oldies, but I guess the people that have been watching it as long (or longer) then me aren't voting in MTV online polls anymore. Go figure. Below, you shall find the name of the award, who actually won, and who I wish would have won. 
Best Fight
Tyrie and Davis (Denver- set pictured)
Should have gone to Dan and Melissa (Miami) for the famous letter opening debate. 
Best Brush with the Law
Robin (San Diego)
I agree, however they should have made it a joint award for her and Brad, who was arrested the same night. 
Best Dance Off
Joanna (Austin)
While Joanna's drunken dance moves are entertaining, this one should have gone to Melissa (New Orleans) for her improv dance at the strip club. 
 Best Meltdown
Brooke (Denver)
I think she wins by default since she was nominated twice in this category.
Best Phone Call Gone Bad
Jacquese and Robin (San Diego)
Good choice. My second choice would be Dummy Bear (Sydney), but I'm too afraid of him (pictured).
Biggest Playa
Colie (Denver)
This one could have easily been shared between Colie, Syrus (Boston), and Tech (Hawaii). They are playas after all. 
Favorite Love Story
Danny and Melinda (Austin)
Puke. In. My. Mouth. They were not nominated, but I would have picked Rachel and Sean. They are happily married with a gazillion kids and another on the way!
Steamiest Scene
Steven, Trishelle, Brynn (Las Vegas)
This one only wins because the debauchery of Vegas changed the show forever, however, I think I remember some steamy hot tub or shower scenes from Miami that should have at least been nominated...
Roommate You Love to Hate
Coral (Back to NY)
I do love her.
Gone Baby Gone
Irene (Seattle) aka the 'Slap heard 'round the world' (pictured)
Hands down winner. Best exit in the history of Real World. 
Hottest Female
Svetlana (Key West)
Nope. Mallory (Paris) is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She wins by default. 
Hottest Male
Johnny Bananas (Key West)
While I appreciate a good banana (ha, clever), there were a lot of guys left off this list- Danny (New Orleans), Landon and MJ (Philedelphia), Ace (Paris), Nate (Seattle)... I could go on forever. Of the guys nominated- Alton (Las Vegas) or Eric (NY) deserved the title. 
Favorite Season
Austin (set pictured)
Hands down, no way. This one sooo should have gone to Seattle. They have been, and probably always will be, my all time favorite season. And I don't even think they were nominated!


Back from break and ready for TV time!

Man, spring break was a killer for my blogs! Can you believe my resort did not have free wireless in the rooms?

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks things have been shuffled around quite a bit. We saw the midseason finales of my beloved One Tree Hill, LostAmerica’s Best Dance Crew, and the Gauntlet. On the other hand, we gained Dancing with the Stars, The Hills, Greek, and the one-time fave Gauntlet Reunion. Some thoughts-

America’s Best Dance Crew
Happy or not? I’m not. I was so rooting for Status Quo to win, but apparently I was the only one. Of all my friends who watch, they all wanted JabbaWockeez and gave me very puzzled looks when I said I liked my Quo boys better. Here is why-
Showmanship: While Jabba’s masks and gloves give cool illusions, I can’t see how much fun they are having out there, even though they probably are. When Status Quo dances they look like they are having so much fun, I really do want to get out there and dance too.
Stunts: I’ve seen Jabba do some break dancing, but nothing like the stunts Status Quo does. My thing is, yeah Jabba makes up cool dances, but if they taught those to Status Quo, they could do them too. But if Jabba had to do a human jump robe? I don’t think they could pull it off.
Oh well, now I’m just waiting for Season 2 and hopefully a Season 1 tour. What do you think Mr. Jackson?

Gauntlet III Finale and Reunion Show
Don’t even get me started on this one. Geez. I could write all day about this finale, but I will just say that I wish the Rookies had lost. The Vets should have ‘trimmed the fat’ and got rid of Eric in the beginning if they thought he would be such a hindrance in the final mission. Hindsight’s a bitch I guess.

As for the Reunion show? Brilliant. Why isn’t this show on all year long? For something that bothered me all season long, the couple’s news was probably the highlight of the enchanted evening with our favorite cast members.  

Frank and Jillian living together. Brad and Tori spending a lot of time together. Derrick and Paula? Not so much. CT and Diem, according to Katie, are very ‘done’. Wes and Johanna split up as well. Danny and Melinda? They didn’t mention them, but I’m assuming they are together. When asked about Casey and Bananas, the cast just laughed. The best though? While Ev and Brooke are obviously not together, the host asked Ev about a rumor that Brooke was dating one of her ex-girlfriends, and Ev (looking very pissed off) said she didn’t want to talk about it. Ha!

Oh and Evan and Kenny? Still very much BFFs, and still very hot. Sad that they don’t talk to Big Easy any more, but still. Evan, if you are out there and reading this (unlikely), I am pretty sure if you met me we would fall in love. Just sayin’.

Dancing with the Stars
Already kicked off- the magician and the tennis player. I’m surprised at how well Priscilla and Christian are doing. My fave so far though? This deserves drum rolls and lights and lasers and smoke… Jason Taylor. Holy cow. He is hot. I know it is still early but I want him and Edyta to win.

The Hills
This season premiere stressed me out. Not following iteniary, wearing an expensive dress you didn’t pay for out the night before you are supposed to wear it, burning that dress and noticing it only an hour before you were supposed to wear it, then getting a second dress and wearing it on a motorcycle?! Someone please stop her!

And here is why I am confused. Lauren was in Paris for like a week. Seriously, one week, and Brody has a new ‘girlfriend’. That was fast? But wait- does he even have a girlfriend? I don’t think so. Last night, he was psyched to see Lauren and she was a total bitch. I think the girlfriend thing is a misunderstanding.

Also, as much as I have been anti-Spencer, can these two please just get back together? They were less annoying as a couple than they are apart.

Finally! I love this show and am so happy it is back! I missed the season premiere and my internet is so slow I can’t even stand to try and watch it, but I had a friend fill me in before last night’s episode.

Does anyone else notice how good everyone on the show looks? Last night, Casey was like 
glowing in that teal dress. And Cappie did something with his hair. Or maybe lost weight. I don’t know. And Evan? Wow, he looks hot. They must have given everyone makeovers or something. 

In couples news, Jen K. should not have broke Rusty’s heart like that. I love Rusty. Also, Cappie needs to dump Rebecca and go for Casey. I was hoping for a hook up last night, but will have to wait. Next week perhaps?

Lost on... my camera (5th edition)

So, I spent Spring Break in lovely Orlando, Florida, and made a day trip to the magical world that is Disney. I was on a bus, excuse me, a motor coach, headed over to Animal Kingdom from Epcot and it was so crowded I had to stand. I looked up and there, right in front of me was an ad for my all time fave- Lost! I had to take a picture, and was eager to show it. Enjoy.

Now, it has been over a week since the mid season finale, and I’m still sad that Danielle got shot. Seriously. She lived on that island just fine and dandy and 17 years, then Jack and all the other Flight 815-ers come along and kill her. Well, maybe they did not literally kill her (or maybe they did?!), but their actions led to her death. Sucks for her.

And poor Karl. Why did he have to die too. Luckily, Blake Bashoff did stop by E! and spill this to Kristin-

Watching the episode last night, I did notice that [something that we shot wasn't shown]. On the day we filmed it, the people who were shooting at us, there was actually a great shot of the snipers emerging through the jungle in these incredible, elaborate, jungle camouflage uniforms. And I don't know if you got a sense of that last night or not—I think you just saw movement in the trees.”

Hmm.. what is to come on Lost? Stay tuned. The new episode airs April 24th.


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