Back from break and ready for TV time!

Man, spring break was a killer for my blogs! Can you believe my resort did not have free wireless in the rooms?

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks things have been shuffled around quite a bit. We saw the midseason finales of my beloved One Tree Hill, LostAmerica’s Best Dance Crew, and the Gauntlet. On the other hand, we gained Dancing with the Stars, The Hills, Greek, and the one-time fave Gauntlet Reunion. Some thoughts-

America’s Best Dance Crew
Happy or not? I’m not. I was so rooting for Status Quo to win, but apparently I was the only one. Of all my friends who watch, they all wanted JabbaWockeez and gave me very puzzled looks when I said I liked my Quo boys better. Here is why-
Showmanship: While Jabba’s masks and gloves give cool illusions, I can’t see how much fun they are having out there, even though they probably are. When Status Quo dances they look like they are having so much fun, I really do want to get out there and dance too.
Stunts: I’ve seen Jabba do some break dancing, but nothing like the stunts Status Quo does. My thing is, yeah Jabba makes up cool dances, but if they taught those to Status Quo, they could do them too. But if Jabba had to do a human jump robe? I don’t think they could pull it off.
Oh well, now I’m just waiting for Season 2 and hopefully a Season 1 tour. What do you think Mr. Jackson?

Gauntlet III Finale and Reunion Show
Don’t even get me started on this one. Geez. I could write all day about this finale, but I will just say that I wish the Rookies had lost. The Vets should have ‘trimmed the fat’ and got rid of Eric in the beginning if they thought he would be such a hindrance in the final mission. Hindsight’s a bitch I guess.

As for the Reunion show? Brilliant. Why isn’t this show on all year long? For something that bothered me all season long, the couple’s news was probably the highlight of the enchanted evening with our favorite cast members.  

Frank and Jillian living together. Brad and Tori spending a lot of time together. Derrick and Paula? Not so much. CT and Diem, according to Katie, are very ‘done’. Wes and Johanna split up as well. Danny and Melinda? They didn’t mention them, but I’m assuming they are together. When asked about Casey and Bananas, the cast just laughed. The best though? While Ev and Brooke are obviously not together, the host asked Ev about a rumor that Brooke was dating one of her ex-girlfriends, and Ev (looking very pissed off) said she didn’t want to talk about it. Ha!

Oh and Evan and Kenny? Still very much BFFs, and still very hot. Sad that they don’t talk to Big Easy any more, but still. Evan, if you are out there and reading this (unlikely), I am pretty sure if you met me we would fall in love. Just sayin’.

Dancing with the Stars
Already kicked off- the magician and the tennis player. I’m surprised at how well Priscilla and Christian are doing. My fave so far though? This deserves drum rolls and lights and lasers and smoke… Jason Taylor. Holy cow. He is hot. I know it is still early but I want him and Edyta to win.

The Hills
This season premiere stressed me out. Not following iteniary, wearing an expensive dress you didn’t pay for out the night before you are supposed to wear it, burning that dress and noticing it only an hour before you were supposed to wear it, then getting a second dress and wearing it on a motorcycle?! Someone please stop her!

And here is why I am confused. Lauren was in Paris for like a week. Seriously, one week, and Brody has a new ‘girlfriend’. That was fast? But wait- does he even have a girlfriend? I don’t think so. Last night, he was psyched to see Lauren and she was a total bitch. I think the girlfriend thing is a misunderstanding.

Also, as much as I have been anti-Spencer, can these two please just get back together? They were less annoying as a couple than they are apart.

Finally! I love this show and am so happy it is back! I missed the season premiere and my internet is so slow I can’t even stand to try and watch it, but I had a friend fill me in before last night’s episode.

Does anyone else notice how good everyone on the show looks? Last night, Casey was like 
glowing in that teal dress. And Cappie did something with his hair. Or maybe lost weight. I don’t know. And Evan? Wow, he looks hot. They must have given everyone makeovers or something. 

In couples news, Jen K. should not have broke Rusty’s heart like that. I love Rusty. Also, Cappie needs to dump Rebecca and go for Casey. I was hoping for a hook up last night, but will have to wait. Next week perhaps?

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