That is Correct

So pretty much (for once) every rumor regarding the new season of DWTS was right.... so much for keeping it a secret....

The new cast:
Bristol Palin
Jennifer Grey
**Margaret Cho
**Audrina Patridge
Florence Henderson
**Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
*David Hasselhoff
*Michael Bolton
Kurt Warner
Kyle Massey
*Rick Fox

*who I think will actually be a good dancer
** who I think will be a trainwreck, and thus, more fun to watch


Rumors on Who Will Be Dancing

DWTS cast will be announced next week, but in the meantime here are Buddy TV's predictions of who's taking a spin on the dancefloor...

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino: The Jersey Shore star could flash his abs all over the DWTS stage, though he should be warned that Maksim Chmerkovskiy is the reigning king of shirtless dancing.
Audrina Patridge: The Hills gal could make two MTV reality stars on this season. She could also be the first person eliminated, if she does make it.
Bristol Palin: As if guest starring on The Secret Life of the American Teenager wasn't bad enough, now Bristol could outshine Levi Johnston in the realm of reality TV fame whoring.
Florence Henderson: Every season needs a token older contestant, so why not sweet little Carol Brady?
Jennifer Grey: Nobody puts Jennifer in the corner. It's fairly the obvious the only reason Grey would be on this show is because of Dirty Dancing and so that Carrie Ann Inaba can deduct points for a lift when Jennifer's partner (Derek Hough, according to E!Online) helps her have the time of her life.
Margaret Cho: Comedians have a fairly terrible track record on DWTS (see: Ashley Hamilton, Jeffrey Ross and Penn Jillette, all out first).
David Hasselhoff: I still don't understand how this isn't a joke, but if he really is on the show, I give him two weeks until he's dancing to his own music. He'll have a lock on the German-American vote.
Michael Bolton: Personally I'd prefer David Herman's character from the movie Office Space to be a contestant, but I guess the 40-something women who watch DWTS need something, and this might be it.
Brandy: Ray J's sister could fill a lot of the token quotas for DWTS, including musical genre and racial diversity.
Rick Fox: This former NBA was married to Vanessa Williams and now dates Eliza Dushku. In other words, he's a winner.
Kurt Warner: While NFL stars typically do well, DWTS has never had a quarterback. Warner could break that streak.
Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez: ABC loves reality synergy with Trista Sutter, Melissa Rycroft and Jake Pavelka as past dancers, but even so, Ali and Roberto are already long forgotten.
Landon Donovan: World Cup fever has died down as has talk of Donovan being on the show.
Troy Aikman: Early rumors were quickly shot down, thus ruining Dallas Cowboys fans of having Aikman on DWTS and Jimmy Johnson on Survivor at the same time.
Kirstie Alley: While the Cheers and Fat Actress star would make for hilarious TV (and provide a season's worth of material for Joel McHale on The Soup), she has denied it, thus ruining the joyous possibility of seeing a Samba to the tune of Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back."

Wild Wild Wisteria

The Shore Report: Letters, Hippos and Dirty Dishes

Last night's ep was kind of a downer, no?

1. I was all for the anonymous letter before, but now that it was delivered, it is obvious that Snook and Jen should have just told Sam. They did too good a job convincing people it wasn't them because they weren't even out that night... which really pins it on Angelina (because the boys would never turn Ron in). Now, Angelina (who knows they wrote the letter) is totally going to turn them in! The sh$t will really hit the fan. Fail.

2. I really do believe Sam and Ron love each other. And they are cute together when Ron isn't drunk or they aren't fighting. And maybe all that bad boy behavior is in the past for Ron and he really wants to be with Sam now.... but he lies too much. And drinks too much. And dances with skanky girls and then comes home to 'smush' with Sam too much. ISam may be annoying (and on occassion, pathetic), but I'm totally Team Sammi.

3. Anyone else think Angelina blew up way too fast when Mike confronted her about the dishes? She went from 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds. She's crazy.

4. As much as I should hate it because the guys are so mean.... I love any scene that involves MVP scheming to extract grenades.

Quote of the episode:
Snooki: Sympathetic. Word of the day... that's a big word!


Listen Up, True Blood

I know I might be repeating myself here, but seriously, True Blood, you need to calm down.

Before I get started on my rant-
Yes, I know this is a show about vampires and other supernatural creatures... and it always has been.
Yes, I will continue to watch for pure entertainment value (and because Alexander Skarsgard is just so pretty)
Yes, I know the show is pulling these stories from the books, which yes, I know, even though I haven't read them, are amazing (according to everyone I talk to....).


I miss what True Blood was at its core- a show about human/vampire relationships, about embracing our differences (or not), about humanity, about equality, oh yeah, and about love.

Now the show is about vampires and sex (ok, those were always there) and shifters and werewolves and panthers and fairies.... and who knows what else will come along!

True Blood has to decide if it wants to be an Emmy-worthy drama that deals with real issues (in the context of this f#%ked up Bon Temps world of course) or if it wants to be a soapy, over-the-top drama that is just going for shock factor....

And just to reiterate... I'll still watch no matter what direction it chooses.


We Got A Situation

The Situation on Dancing With The Stars? Gosh, I hope so!

Give Me My Remote reports:
While ABC won’t make an official cast announcement until August 30th, The Situation will reportedly be joined on the competition series by reality star Audrina Patridge, singer Brandy and former NFL star Kurt Warner.


You Heard It Here First

I love TV Guide, really I do, but sometimes they have the most ridiculous headlines and stories. I always ebd up reposting these on the Addicted to Television Facebook Page and my personal Twitter feed, so I figured why not share them here with you all too?

Lohan's Attorney: "Lindsay's Having a Difficult Time Adjusting"
Oh really? DUH... you wouldn't have a difficult time adjusting to life in prison?

Woman in Bar Mistaken for Justin Bieber

Best. TV Guide. Headline. EVER. 

Jersey Shore's Sammi Sweetheart Accused of Repeatedly Punching Woman in the Head
Very sweet.

And now, a quote: 
For the third week in a row, a female dancer was eliminated from Season 7 of So You Think You Can Dance, begging the question: Does America hate women?

Look for more dumb TVGuide healdines under the TV Guide tag.

The Shore Report (8/19)

Jersey Shore Quote(s) of the night:

Snooki: Guys are douchebags and I hate them all. They don't know how to treat women, and I feel like this is why the lesbian rate is going up in this country.

The Situation: You need to on your tip-top game with your GTL to stay FTD to get the girls to DTF in MIA ... say that 5 times fast.

Best moments:
Tie between Vinny and Pauly D workin the gelato shop and Situation ruining dinner.

SAMMI, come on, girl. Ron is such a jerk. You two are have one bipolar rollercoaster of a relationship. I get it, he's cute; he snuggles with you; 'it's better being with [him] than not' (her words, not mine). But you two's got problems. End it.

Oh Baby Baby

Brittany vs Britney


Ah, to be those sheets...

 “I don’t want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we’re naked in the scene, then I’m naked. I’ve always been that way.”
-Alexander Skarsgard, aka the sexiest vamp around (suck it, R Patz.)

Heard it hear.

Oh, and see more of Skarsgard (and Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer) here... a lot more.

The After Hours Athlete.

Where's Betty? Or, Who cares?

shep of Let's Talk About TV posted this about Mrs. Don Draper (or.... what's her new name?):
"If you’ve been watching Mad Men this season you may notice that January Jones’ character, Betty Draper, has been absent quite a bit. She has barely been in the series this season and I don’t really care. Seriously, does anyone actually like Betty anymore? In the beginning there were a lot of people that loved her and then some that could tolerate her, now people pretty much hate her, and I don’t think it’s only because of her character, but also the actress that plays her.
... You have to admit she’s terrible. The few people who believed January could still act after watching her for a few seasons finally woke up to the truth when she hosted SNL and bombed. Hard. They finally realized that her ability to not act was not part of Betty Draper’s persona. That was January Jones in all her… glory?
Now, I don’t think Betty Draper has been absent only because January Jones is a terrible actor, but I think that might play at least some part in it. Another part could be that the story they are telling just doesn’t involve the home life of Don Draper that much this season. Instead of showing what the home life for a womanizing ad man was like, they are focusing on telling the more interesting story of that man, and his cohorts, starting their own agency... After all, the show is about Ad Executives on Madison Ave, not Mr. and Mrs. Draper on Suburban St."
Disagree: That she is a terrible actress (although I agree that she bombed on SNL.... comedy is NOT her specialty).

Agree: I too am enjoying the Betty-free time. I know her story will come back, but I sort of wish it wouldn't. I'm with shep on the fact that this show is about the ad men (and women). Yes, their 'real life' comes into play sometimes, but only when it relates to them and their work (ie Pete and his father-in-law's relationship is linked to Clearasil, Don's relationship with Connie Hilton last season...). Betty's storyline with her new husband and creepy Glenn doesn't really affect Don.

I think Betty should be a character we see pop up every once in a while- when Don tells her she needs to move, when he is picking up/dropping off the kids, etc. It should be about how she affects Don's life, not about her life in particular. Also, if she was gone for a while, I think it would be a great (eventual) story if her and Don hooked up again in a fit of drunk, lonely passion (maybe late this season or next.... while she is still married to that other guy).

The less Betty, the better.

Oh not to mention, I always hated her. She is such a brat.



True Blood, I love ya but...

(possible spoiler alert(s)...)

You are out of control.

Werewolves. Werepanthers. Shifters. Dog fighting. Fairies. Demon babies. Genetically-linked mind reading. Psycho vampires taking over the world and terrorizing the ladies of Bon Temps (oh, and newscatsers). Droopy, white underpants. Naked man eating a deer (not to be confused with 'man-eating deer'... that might be worse).

Things are getting crazy in Bon Temps. What's new, you ask? Hasn't True Blood always been crazy? Yes, it has. But this season is just one disaster after another (after another after another).

Stories I like:

  • Eric seeking revenge on Russell.
  • Russell wanting to overthrow the America Vampire League. ('Equal rights for vampires? But we are not equals!' Ahhhhhh scary). I think this is/should be the BIG story this season. Forget werewolves or panthers or dogfighting, this goes back to the show's roots of vampire vs. human relations, and I like it.
  • Anything with SophieAnne. I know people hate her.... but I like her. She's glamour-ous. Get it, glamour?!
  • Alcide. Just him, being on screen. 
  • Same goes for Jason. Although this whole Crystal and her crazy 'kin' mess is kind of dragging. 

Stroylines that don't seem to matter (but should and I hope we get more of them):

  • Hoyt and Jessica!
  • Crystal's 'kin' knowing that Sam is a shifter. Ummm, what? How do they know that?! I'm pretty sure these guys are werepanthers, so does that mean other shifters can sense each other? Sam didn't know that one chick was a shifter last season...
  • Lafayette and Jesus. I wish this mattered, but unless Jesus turns out to be some supernatural creature who reeks havock on Bon Temps (which is still likely), he just doesn't matter.
  • Arlene's baby... is it really 'pure' evil? And what is that new waitress talking about when she says 'there are other ways' to get rid of it? Umm.... am I missing something here? 
  • Oh, and PS who is that other waitress? She better be important. 

And storylines I don't care about:

  • What is Sookie? OMG, another supernatural creature? More powers? Light? Really, True Blood. This has to stop.
  • Debbie. You are gross. Go away. 
  • Tara. She's boring me with all her drama. 

Lorena, Talbot, Franklin, Magistrar, Cooter (seriously... is that wolf's name Cooter?), Newscaster

Like This.

You know you want to. 


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