The Shore Report: Letters, Hippos and Dirty Dishes

Last night's ep was kind of a downer, no?

1. I was all for the anonymous letter before, but now that it was delivered, it is obvious that Snook and Jen should have just told Sam. They did too good a job convincing people it wasn't them because they weren't even out that night... which really pins it on Angelina (because the boys would never turn Ron in). Now, Angelina (who knows they wrote the letter) is totally going to turn them in! The sh$t will really hit the fan. Fail.

2. I really do believe Sam and Ron love each other. And they are cute together when Ron isn't drunk or they aren't fighting. And maybe all that bad boy behavior is in the past for Ron and he really wants to be with Sam now.... but he lies too much. And drinks too much. And dances with skanky girls and then comes home to 'smush' with Sam too much. ISam may be annoying (and on occassion, pathetic), but I'm totally Team Sammi.

3. Anyone else think Angelina blew up way too fast when Mike confronted her about the dishes? She went from 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds. She's crazy.

4. As much as I should hate it because the guys are so mean.... I love any scene that involves MVP scheming to extract grenades.

Quote of the episode:
Snooki: Sympathetic. Word of the day... that's a big word!

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