True Blood, I love ya but...

(possible spoiler alert(s)...)

You are out of control.

Werewolves. Werepanthers. Shifters. Dog fighting. Fairies. Demon babies. Genetically-linked mind reading. Psycho vampires taking over the world and terrorizing the ladies of Bon Temps (oh, and newscatsers). Droopy, white underpants. Naked man eating a deer (not to be confused with 'man-eating deer'... that might be worse).

Things are getting crazy in Bon Temps. What's new, you ask? Hasn't True Blood always been crazy? Yes, it has. But this season is just one disaster after another (after another after another).

Stories I like:

  • Eric seeking revenge on Russell.
  • Russell wanting to overthrow the America Vampire League. ('Equal rights for vampires? But we are not equals!' Ahhhhhh scary). I think this is/should be the BIG story this season. Forget werewolves or panthers or dogfighting, this goes back to the show's roots of vampire vs. human relations, and I like it.
  • Anything with SophieAnne. I know people hate her.... but I like her. She's glamour-ous. Get it, glamour?!
  • Alcide. Just him, being on screen. 
  • Same goes for Jason. Although this whole Crystal and her crazy 'kin' mess is kind of dragging. 

Stroylines that don't seem to matter (but should and I hope we get more of them):

  • Hoyt and Jessica!
  • Crystal's 'kin' knowing that Sam is a shifter. Ummm, what? How do they know that?! I'm pretty sure these guys are werepanthers, so does that mean other shifters can sense each other? Sam didn't know that one chick was a shifter last season...
  • Lafayette and Jesus. I wish this mattered, but unless Jesus turns out to be some supernatural creature who reeks havock on Bon Temps (which is still likely), he just doesn't matter.
  • Arlene's baby... is it really 'pure' evil? And what is that new waitress talking about when she says 'there are other ways' to get rid of it? Umm.... am I missing something here? 
  • Oh, and PS who is that other waitress? She better be important. 

And storylines I don't care about:

  • What is Sookie? OMG, another supernatural creature? More powers? Light? Really, True Blood. This has to stop.
  • Debbie. You are gross. Go away. 
  • Tara. She's boring me with all her drama. 

Lorena, Talbot, Franklin, Magistrar, Cooter (seriously... is that wolf's name Cooter?), Newscaster

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