Where's Betty? Or, Who cares?

shep of Let's Talk About TV posted this about Mrs. Don Draper (or.... what's her new name?):
"If you’ve been watching Mad Men this season you may notice that January Jones’ character, Betty Draper, has been absent quite a bit. She has barely been in the series this season and I don’t really care. Seriously, does anyone actually like Betty anymore? In the beginning there were a lot of people that loved her and then some that could tolerate her, now people pretty much hate her, and I don’t think it’s only because of her character, but also the actress that plays her.
... You have to admit she’s terrible. The few people who believed January could still act after watching her for a few seasons finally woke up to the truth when she hosted SNL and bombed. Hard. They finally realized that her ability to not act was not part of Betty Draper’s persona. That was January Jones in all her… glory?
Now, I don’t think Betty Draper has been absent only because January Jones is a terrible actor, but I think that might play at least some part in it. Another part could be that the story they are telling just doesn’t involve the home life of Don Draper that much this season. Instead of showing what the home life for a womanizing ad man was like, they are focusing on telling the more interesting story of that man, and his cohorts, starting their own agency... After all, the show is about Ad Executives on Madison Ave, not Mr. and Mrs. Draper on Suburban St."
Disagree: That she is a terrible actress (although I agree that she bombed on SNL.... comedy is NOT her specialty).

Agree: I too am enjoying the Betty-free time. I know her story will come back, but I sort of wish it wouldn't. I'm with shep on the fact that this show is about the ad men (and women). Yes, their 'real life' comes into play sometimes, but only when it relates to them and their work (ie Pete and his father-in-law's relationship is linked to Clearasil, Don's relationship with Connie Hilton last season...). Betty's storyline with her new husband and creepy Glenn doesn't really affect Don.

I think Betty should be a character we see pop up every once in a while- when Don tells her she needs to move, when he is picking up/dropping off the kids, etc. It should be about how she affects Don's life, not about her life in particular. Also, if she was gone for a while, I think it would be a great (eventual) story if her and Don hooked up again in a fit of drunk, lonely passion (maybe late this season or next.... while she is still married to that other guy).

The less Betty, the better.

Oh not to mention, I always hated her. She is such a brat.

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