Listen Up, True Blood

I know I might be repeating myself here, but seriously, True Blood, you need to calm down.

Before I get started on my rant-
Yes, I know this is a show about vampires and other supernatural creatures... and it always has been.
Yes, I will continue to watch for pure entertainment value (and because Alexander Skarsgard is just so pretty)
Yes, I know the show is pulling these stories from the books, which yes, I know, even though I haven't read them, are amazing (according to everyone I talk to....).


I miss what True Blood was at its core- a show about human/vampire relationships, about embracing our differences (or not), about humanity, about equality, oh yeah, and about love.

Now the show is about vampires and sex (ok, those were always there) and shifters and werewolves and panthers and fairies.... and who knows what else will come along!

True Blood has to decide if it wants to be an Emmy-worthy drama that deals with real issues (in the context of this f#%ked up Bon Temps world of course) or if it wants to be a soapy, over-the-top drama that is just going for shock factor....

And just to reiterate... I'll still watch no matter what direction it chooses.

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