Project: Glee

Are you watching The Glee Project?

I was interested in the least, but started watching at the gym and got hooked. While I'm not blown away by much of the cast (wouldn't say there is a Lea Michele in the bunch....), it's still fun.

There's some potential -
Lindsey, who I think is actually a little bit too Rachel for me. What would she bring to the table?
Damien, Glee could use a foreign exhange student.
Hannah, who is just cool. And she could rap with Artie and Mr. Shuester.
Alex, say what you want about his personality.... he's the only one that seems to have any star power strong enough to fit in in the Glee cast. And he killed it, I mean KILLED it this week when he was in the bottom three. Singing in drag. Dayum boi!

Oh, and people love Samuel and his dreadlocks. I don't. I think he's creepy.

Letters to True Blood

Dear Baby,
Leave Arlene and Terry alone! They deserve some happiness! And you're creepy.

Dear Arlene and Terry,
Who gives a creepy, broken, dirty baby doll to a kid anyway?

Dear Jason,
Keep not wearing a shirt.

Dear Alcide,
Stop wearing a shirt.

Dear Jessica and Hoyt,
Make up already, would ya? You two are too cute to not be together!

Dear Marni,
After all that time tormenting Harry Potter, you turn out to be a witch after all? You deserve what's coming to you.

Dear Pam,
Sorry about your face.

Dear Bill,
You're a good king. Mean, but I like it. Good call on glamouring your incestuous great-great grand daughter this week. And capturing Marni. But leave Eric and Sookie alone. She doesn't like you anymore.

Dear Eric and Sookie,
About time!


'Deleted' Scene

Because this is hilarious, awesome and it's been too long since I had something about LOST to post about.

Omar. Chalky. Professor?

Coming soon to Community. Details here. 

Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute-

I heard a while ago that Chord Overstreet wouldn't be back on Glee next season. Didn't think much of it. I mean, I like Sam a lot. He's cool. But I wasn't heartbroken over it....

Until now.
I just remembered that the last season ended with the reveal of his and Mercedes' mystery romance! It was my favorite part of the finale!

I read today that she will still have a BF when the show comes back... but it just isn't the same.

Knights of Badassdom

Yes, that is the actual movie title.

Dinklage. Zahn. Kwanten. Pudi. And LARPing.
I love everything about this.


Is it just me?

Or does Khael Drogo look kind of douchey in real life?

I Believe


Even Crazier Than Before.

You might remember that last year, True Blood and I had a little falling out. I still watched it, of course, but I just felt like things went a little bonkers.

Shifters. Werewolves. Witches. Fairies. Etc. Etc. Etc. And this season is no better. Let's check in on a few story lines....

Witches posing a threat to vampires; cast spell on Eric who is now hiding out with Sookie. Bill is looking for him. Pam's face melted off when she confronted said witches. I can deal with this one. Why? Because the witches involve vampires... the heart of the show. If it involves Sookie/Bill/Eric, I'll accept it. Plus, it connects the Lafayette and Boyfriend storyline to the main storyline and makes last season's witch developments sort of matter. (Although I'd still like a follow up on all that crazy voodoo/nightmare/vision stuff Lafayette was having....)

Jason is kidnapped, raped and I guess turned into a panther? No. Stop. I love Jason. So much. But this has been going on long enough. The last big Jason story lines we got ended up being great - his involvement with the crazy vamp-killing church, going all commando with Andy. Will this one be great? Doubtful. I'm sick of Crystal.

Bill is related to the Bellefleurs? Totally. That's great. I like this new, powerful Bill. And this means he slept with his great-great grand daughter or something, right?

Andy's hooked on V.  Has to do with vamps? Yep, I'm okay with that one.

Sam's brother is hanging out with Hoyt's mom, trying to steal her money. Meanwhile, Sam is hanging out with a new shifter gal pal who used to date a werewolf. Seriously? Are vampires or Sookie at all involved in that? Am I supposed to care? Because I don't.

Speaking of werewolves, Debbie is back with Alcide. I'll let this one slide because Alcide is hot and I will allow any storyline to keep him on the show.

Hoyt & Jessica gift creepy baby to Arlene & Terry. Now here's a great example of connecting the story lines together. I was getting sick of Arlene's obsession with her demon child, and now I have a reason for her to be obsessed. And I can definitely see the potential for this to comeback and affect Sookie and the whole town of Bon Temps.

Tara is a lesbian. Who cares? HBO keeps showing this on the 'previously on' segment, like it is supposed to shock us or something. Psh. Are you kidding?


I Love the 90s

Thank you, Nickelodeon. I'm never sleeping again.


No Joke. Emmy Nominations.

Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Justified - I love you all. And even the shows I don't watch, I'm confident your nomination is well-deserved (except that Beau Bridges' Brothers & Sisters nod. Seriously?)

Ok. Drama cataegories, you can go sit over there in the corner. You're good. I've got beef with the comedy nominations though. MAJOR BEEF.

There are more comedies besides Modern Family, The Office and 30 Rock. And Glee wasn't even that funny this season.

Have they ever seen Community or Bored to Death? I literally LOL every single episode. And don't all my friends love It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia? Curb Your Enthusiasm? I mean, people even like Cougar Town, but Courtney Cox's buddy Matt gets nominated for playing himself on Episodes? Really? Even newbie Happy Endings has caught a spot on my DVR!

I get it. The shows that were nominated are good. But geeeeeeeez I am so sick of seeing Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey at every stinkin award show. I'm rooting for Big Bang Theory by default.


Mad Hot

Can't wait for Mad Men to come back.

(PS: There is no list here. I just borrowed this pic from A Beautiful Mess because I couldn't find the original.)


Oh hey Jonna.

Looks like somebody has been on a Challenge-ish show before!

And yes, I totally used to watch this.


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