Even Crazier Than Before.

You might remember that last year, True Blood and I had a little falling out. I still watched it, of course, but I just felt like things went a little bonkers.

Shifters. Werewolves. Witches. Fairies. Etc. Etc. Etc. And this season is no better. Let's check in on a few story lines....

Witches posing a threat to vampires; cast spell on Eric who is now hiding out with Sookie. Bill is looking for him. Pam's face melted off when she confronted said witches. I can deal with this one. Why? Because the witches involve vampires... the heart of the show. If it involves Sookie/Bill/Eric, I'll accept it. Plus, it connects the Lafayette and Boyfriend storyline to the main storyline and makes last season's witch developments sort of matter. (Although I'd still like a follow up on all that crazy voodoo/nightmare/vision stuff Lafayette was having....)

Jason is kidnapped, raped and I guess turned into a panther? No. Stop. I love Jason. So much. But this has been going on long enough. The last big Jason story lines we got ended up being great - his involvement with the crazy vamp-killing church, going all commando with Andy. Will this one be great? Doubtful. I'm sick of Crystal.

Bill is related to the Bellefleurs? Totally. That's great. I like this new, powerful Bill. And this means he slept with his great-great grand daughter or something, right?

Andy's hooked on V.  Has to do with vamps? Yep, I'm okay with that one.

Sam's brother is hanging out with Hoyt's mom, trying to steal her money. Meanwhile, Sam is hanging out with a new shifter gal pal who used to date a werewolf. Seriously? Are vampires or Sookie at all involved in that? Am I supposed to care? Because I don't.

Speaking of werewolves, Debbie is back with Alcide. I'll let this one slide because Alcide is hot and I will allow any storyline to keep him on the show.

Hoyt & Jessica gift creepy baby to Arlene & Terry. Now here's a great example of connecting the story lines together. I was getting sick of Arlene's obsession with her demon child, and now I have a reason for her to be obsessed. And I can definitely see the potential for this to comeback and affect Sookie and the whole town of Bon Temps.

Tara is a lesbian. Who cares? HBO keeps showing this on the 'previously on' segment, like it is supposed to shock us or something. Psh. Are you kidding?

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