Project: Glee

Are you watching The Glee Project?

I was interested in the least, but started watching at the gym and got hooked. While I'm not blown away by much of the cast (wouldn't say there is a Lea Michele in the bunch....), it's still fun.

There's some potential -
Lindsey, who I think is actually a little bit too Rachel for me. What would she bring to the table?
Damien, Glee could use a foreign exhange student.
Hannah, who is just cool. And she could rap with Artie and Mr. Shuester.
Alex, say what you want about his personality.... he's the only one that seems to have any star power strong enough to fit in in the Glee cast. And he killed it, I mean KILLED it this week when he was in the bottom three. Singing in drag. Dayum boi!

Oh, and people love Samuel and his dreadlocks. I don't. I think he's creepy.

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