Letters to True Blood

Dear Baby,
Leave Arlene and Terry alone! They deserve some happiness! And you're creepy.

Dear Arlene and Terry,
Who gives a creepy, broken, dirty baby doll to a kid anyway?

Dear Jason,
Keep not wearing a shirt.

Dear Alcide,
Stop wearing a shirt.

Dear Jessica and Hoyt,
Make up already, would ya? You two are too cute to not be together!

Dear Marni,
After all that time tormenting Harry Potter, you turn out to be a witch after all? You deserve what's coming to you.

Dear Pam,
Sorry about your face.

Dear Bill,
You're a good king. Mean, but I like it. Good call on glamouring your incestuous great-great grand daughter this week. And capturing Marni. But leave Eric and Sookie alone. She doesn't like you anymore.

Dear Eric and Sookie,
About time!


muddybuddy said...

true that! :)

Kristin said...

LOVE! Especially the Marni/HP reference ; )


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