I'm just going to say it...

I feel bad for Dustin. 

I get it. He did gay porn. He did gay porn and didn't tell his friends about it. He did gay porn and didn't tell his kinda sorta girlfriend about it. 

But, honestly, how DO you? When is a good time to bring that up? And no offense, but he has known these people, Heather included, for just a few months tops. His parents don't even know. His real friends don't even know. They should all stop feeling so betrayed. 

And I feel bad for him because this is obviously a real issue that he needs help dealing with. The fact that it was a gradual thing, that he went into it not planning on doing anything physical, but that he was tempted, basically bribed, with money, stability, a home, a family.... something is wrong with that. And he still talks about it as though it was an 'opportunity' and the guy running it all was like a father to him! Seriously. If this was a girl, we would all feel way different, don't you agree?

Think about it - A girl comes from a bad home life. She gets out of high school. Some nice lady offers her the chance at having a home in a new city, living with new friends. And then once she feels comfortable living there starts introducing nakedness and sex into the mix... She doesn't have to do it, but this is her family, this is her home, she doesn't want to lose it. 

We would be in a serious uproar, no? But this is a guy. A guy who performed gay acts (and then continues to make homophobic remarks from time to time). Instead of being like 'Whoa, this guy has issues and needs help,' everyone is saying, 'What a hypocrite! I can't believe he did that! And then didn't tell us!'


Oh, and this just in. It was the highest rated episode in three years. Well done, casting department. (But hey, EW. Try watching the show before you write about it. The Leroy/Naomi pregnancy scare did not happen. It's in the previews for next week. Psh.)

My New Favorite Restaurant

I can't believe I forgot to tell you all I've been watching America's Next Great Restaurant! In the last year, I've become a sucker for cooking/food-related television (my favorites are Chopped, Top Chef, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Good Eats) so I'm obviously obsessed with this show too....

Didn't help that they gave away Chipotle coupons before the premiere.... I hate to admit it, but it worked for me. I'm a sucker for good (Facebook) marketing.

We're down to the final three (RIP Limbo, Meltworks, Grill Billies)-
Joey and Saucy Balls Brooklyn Meatball Co.
Sudhir with Spice Coast
Jamawn (I really thought his name was Jamal) and Soul Daddy

My thoughts on the final three-

  • Joey CANNOT win. He is tasteless, classless. His idea is good. Meatballs are good. And now, with the name change, he is set up to be a normal, legit restaurant. But the only way he will win is if the investors go Shark Tank style and say, 'We want to invest in your company, but we want complete control.'
  • Sudhir is probably in the best shape to open his restaurant now, but I don't trust him and I don't think the investors do either. He is a start-up guy.... He starts companies and leaves. He claims this is different, but who knows. Plus, his comment last week about how many fancy Vegas suites he's been in lost major points in likability. 
  • I obviously am hoping for a Soul Daddy win. Jamawn's got the sympathy vote from viewers (It's a real rags-to-riches story!). He's got pretty good food (now that he has a better direction and some healthy options). I think it is just a lack of focus or experience that may hold him back....


Who Cares?

Another gem from our friends at TV Guide:


Just in Case You're Wondering...

I do not like the new girl on Real World. Maybe my opinion will change. But anyone that seriously wants to break up Heather and Dustin is on my shit list.


Is 'Game of Thrones' worth watching?

I don't know yet.

The premiere was good enough... I won't give any plot details away, but I'll tell you it starts off slow (and violent), stays slow (and violent) and then the last minutes really set up the direction of the series.

I've never read the books, but I assume the show is about four different groups competing for power. The current king and his Lord of the Rings buddy Ned; the king's pretty wife, her pretty blond brother and their dwarf brother; a super blond brother and sister that seem to be in exile or something; and these massive 'savages', who actually seem to be joining forces with the blond siblings for the time being. Oh, and there are these 'white walkers' in the woods that are creepy as hell and brutally kill people. No big deal.

I just did a quick Google search for an image to use and stumbled on two articles (from EW and USA Today) about the women on the show. Are they really weak and 'second-class' to the men? Or is there room for them to grow? Is Game of Thrones a boys club? Or will we see these ladies do more than cry and and take their clothes off have their clothes taken off of them?

I think there is promise there- You have an evil, power-hungry queen. You have a mother that is no doubt going to want revenge. You have a young girl, thrust into a culture that is not her own, bring pushed around by her brother and now husband. You have a little tomboy that, I have a feeling, is going to steal the spotlight.

I've only seen the pilot, and I see promise that the women on the show aren't going to be pushed aside. (And Jen Armstrong from EW who has seen more of the show and read the books echoes that as well). Oh, and did I mention there are adorable wolf puppies? Probably my favorite part of the whole show so far.

I'm giving Game of Thrones a chance... at least until I have True Blood to distract me.



No Makeup

Pretty girls.


I'm a DonGlover Lover

Let's call this Donald Glover week. I caught up on Community last weekend, saw (and posted) this video, started following him on Twitter and got jealous of all my MU friends seeing him next Wednesday. And now there is this:

Reasons why I love it:
1. He came out to the Reading Rainbow theme song.
2. His Twitter name was @DonGlover, which looks a lot like 'dong lover'.
3. His Dad was on Twitter first.
4. His 'handjob of cereals' analogy. (What does it mean if I actually want Kix?)
5. His rap name comes from a Wu Tang Name Generator. (PS: Mine is Annoyin' Specialist. Wildly accurate.)
6. He is a legit GOOD rapper. Reminds me of Lupe's 'Kick Push.'

Is it just me?

Or does Whitney look way better with this gingery brown hair? It looks so natural on her. 

Love for the Bravermans.

Who else is loving Parenthood right now?

I feel so bad for Crosby (even though I sort of like Minka Kelly more than Jasmine. shhh!). My heart aches, seriously aches, for Julia. And the parents meeting the boys before prom this past week was perfect. Awkward, but perfect. And so real.

I love this show.


ABDC = America's Best Dance Crew, in case you didn't know, and it is the best dance show on television (don't get it confused with the other dance shows with long acronyms.... DWTS, SYTYCD, psh).

A few thoughts from last night's premiere.
  • An opening number on the first week?! Very cool. And a nice way to introduce the crews.
  • But just five teams?! WTF. This season is only going to last a few weeks. Sad face.
  • I miss Shane.
  • But at least the third judge is D-Trix (from Season 3 winners Quest Crew, my all time favorite ABDC contender) instead of Omarion. Would have been better if it was Hok. He's nice to look at and has a pretty accent. Sigh.
See, cute. 
  • First crew says they call their dancing 'brain banging.' Hmmmm. Let's think of a new catchphrase, please.
  • Am I the only one who sort of misses Lil Mama's visors?
  • Mario Lopez, you are as annoying as ever. Ugh.
  • This season the inventor of krumping is on the show. Seriously? How is anyone else supposed to compete? D-Trix says, 'For years, we've been trying to get krumping on reality TV, but only at 'America's Best Dance Crew' can we get Tight Eyez and the Street Kingdom here on this stage tonight.". Hmm, was that a SYTYCD slap?
  • Favorite teams at the end of Day 1: Phunk Phenomenon and Street Kingdom. Here is the video evidence....


Jane + Matt

'You are a grown man in a 2003 cherry red Beetle singing Disney ballads!'

When is Glee coming back?


La Biblioteca.

I'm on a post-Community high (I caught up on the last three episodes last night) and then this morning I see this video of Donald Glover (Troy) and a fan. LOVE. Seriously, if you don't watch this show, you NEED to start.

Seriously TV Guide?

Sean Parker (yeah, Justin Timberlake's Napster guy from The Social Network) got engaged and THIS is the picture TV Guide used of him and his fiance. Seriously? I searched them on Google and found this pretty picture (and a bunch of others just like it):
See, pretty!

The other picture was obviously a costume party or something (dare I say they are dressed up like Justin Timberlake in his N*Sync heyday and g/f at the time Britney Spears?!)


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