I'm a DonGlover Lover

Let's call this Donald Glover week. I caught up on Community last weekend, saw (and posted) this video, started following him on Twitter and got jealous of all my MU friends seeing him next Wednesday. And now there is this:

Reasons why I love it:
1. He came out to the Reading Rainbow theme song.
2. His Twitter name was @DonGlover, which looks a lot like 'dong lover'.
3. His Dad was on Twitter first.
4. His 'handjob of cereals' analogy. (What does it mean if I actually want Kix?)
5. His rap name comes from a Wu Tang Name Generator. (PS: Mine is Annoyin' Specialist. Wildly accurate.)
6. He is a legit GOOD rapper. Reminds me of Lupe's 'Kick Push.'

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