ABDC = America's Best Dance Crew, in case you didn't know, and it is the best dance show on television (don't get it confused with the other dance shows with long acronyms.... DWTS, SYTYCD, psh).

A few thoughts from last night's premiere.
  • An opening number on the first week?! Very cool. And a nice way to introduce the crews.
  • But just five teams?! WTF. This season is only going to last a few weeks. Sad face.
  • I miss Shane.
  • But at least the third judge is D-Trix (from Season 3 winners Quest Crew, my all time favorite ABDC contender) instead of Omarion. Would have been better if it was Hok. He's nice to look at and has a pretty accent. Sigh.
See, cute. 
  • First crew says they call their dancing 'brain banging.' Hmmmm. Let's think of a new catchphrase, please.
  • Am I the only one who sort of misses Lil Mama's visors?
  • Mario Lopez, you are as annoying as ever. Ugh.
  • This season the inventor of krumping is on the show. Seriously? How is anyone else supposed to compete? D-Trix says, 'For years, we've been trying to get krumping on reality TV, but only at 'America's Best Dance Crew' can we get Tight Eyez and the Street Kingdom here on this stage tonight.". Hmm, was that a SYTYCD slap?
  • Favorite teams at the end of Day 1: Phunk Phenomenon and Street Kingdom. Here is the video evidence....

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