My New Favorite Restaurant

I can't believe I forgot to tell you all I've been watching America's Next Great Restaurant! In the last year, I've become a sucker for cooking/food-related television (my favorites are Chopped, Top Chef, Best Thing I Ever Ate, Good Eats) so I'm obviously obsessed with this show too....

Didn't help that they gave away Chipotle coupons before the premiere.... I hate to admit it, but it worked for me. I'm a sucker for good (Facebook) marketing.

We're down to the final three (RIP Limbo, Meltworks, Grill Billies)-
Joey and Saucy Balls Brooklyn Meatball Co.
Sudhir with Spice Coast
Jamawn (I really thought his name was Jamal) and Soul Daddy

My thoughts on the final three-

  • Joey CANNOT win. He is tasteless, classless. His idea is good. Meatballs are good. And now, with the name change, he is set up to be a normal, legit restaurant. But the only way he will win is if the investors go Shark Tank style and say, 'We want to invest in your company, but we want complete control.'
  • Sudhir is probably in the best shape to open his restaurant now, but I don't trust him and I don't think the investors do either. He is a start-up guy.... He starts companies and leaves. He claims this is different, but who knows. Plus, his comment last week about how many fancy Vegas suites he's been in lost major points in likability. 
  • I obviously am hoping for a Soul Daddy win. Jamawn's got the sympathy vote from viewers (It's a real rags-to-riches story!). He's got pretty good food (now that he has a better direction and some healthy options). I think it is just a lack of focus or experience that may hold him back....

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