Is 'Game of Thrones' worth watching?

I don't know yet.

The premiere was good enough... I won't give any plot details away, but I'll tell you it starts off slow (and violent), stays slow (and violent) and then the last minutes really set up the direction of the series.

I've never read the books, but I assume the show is about four different groups competing for power. The current king and his Lord of the Rings buddy Ned; the king's pretty wife, her pretty blond brother and their dwarf brother; a super blond brother and sister that seem to be in exile or something; and these massive 'savages', who actually seem to be joining forces with the blond siblings for the time being. Oh, and there are these 'white walkers' in the woods that are creepy as hell and brutally kill people. No big deal.

I just did a quick Google search for an image to use and stumbled on two articles (from EW and USA Today) about the women on the show. Are they really weak and 'second-class' to the men? Or is there room for them to grow? Is Game of Thrones a boys club? Or will we see these ladies do more than cry and and take their clothes off have their clothes taken off of them?

I think there is promise there- You have an evil, power-hungry queen. You have a mother that is no doubt going to want revenge. You have a young girl, thrust into a culture that is not her own, bring pushed around by her brother and now husband. You have a little tomboy that, I have a feeling, is going to steal the spotlight.

I've only seen the pilot, and I see promise that the women on the show aren't going to be pushed aside. (And Jen Armstrong from EW who has seen more of the show and read the books echoes that as well). Oh, and did I mention there are adorable wolf puppies? Probably my favorite part of the whole show so far.

I'm giving Game of Thrones a chance... at least until I have True Blood to distract me.

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