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'You are a grown man in a 2003 cherry red Beetle singing Disney ballads!'

When is Glee coming back?


Buffa said...

Why did I not know you had a TV blog? Did you know I have a movie a blog (http://www.popcornjury.com) I'm struggling to keep it alive amongst all the other things. We should collaborate in a few years when we're both famous entertainment bloggers. Anyway.

Is Glee worth watching? Season 1 just popped up on Netflix. The girlfriend loves it, I'm pessimistic. Thoughts for a newbie, 23 year old male?

Danielle said...

1. Yes, I have a TV blog! It is actually the first blog I EVER started and it's had its ups and downs. Could definitely use a little TLC right about now, I just don't have the time anymore...

2. and yes, I did know about Popcorn Jury. I check it out from time to time, but I rarely get to the movies anymore (that whole time issue again) so I never know what you're talking about!

3. collaboration is on my to do list. whether it is TV/movie related, marketing/social media related, or just overall awesomeness related.

and finally, 4. My thoughts on GLEE. I love it. And yes, I think it is worth it. People that hate on it have usually never watched it and just think it is high school musical-like (unless they are talking about the abandoned, sometimes random storylines or lack of Sue... then they actually watch it and have high standards for a TV show....). The thing is, the writing is hilarious. If you don't like the musical numbers, skip them, whatever, I don't care. But you can't NOT laugh at the writing.

Watch a few episodes. Give it a chance.

Plus, Katie will love you forever if you watch it with her ;)


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