I'm just going to say it...

I feel bad for Dustin. 

I get it. He did gay porn. He did gay porn and didn't tell his friends about it. He did gay porn and didn't tell his kinda sorta girlfriend about it. 

But, honestly, how DO you? When is a good time to bring that up? And no offense, but he has known these people, Heather included, for just a few months tops. His parents don't even know. His real friends don't even know. They should all stop feeling so betrayed. 

And I feel bad for him because this is obviously a real issue that he needs help dealing with. The fact that it was a gradual thing, that he went into it not planning on doing anything physical, but that he was tempted, basically bribed, with money, stability, a home, a family.... something is wrong with that. And he still talks about it as though it was an 'opportunity' and the guy running it all was like a father to him! Seriously. If this was a girl, we would all feel way different, don't you agree?

Think about it - A girl comes from a bad home life. She gets out of high school. Some nice lady offers her the chance at having a home in a new city, living with new friends. And then once she feels comfortable living there starts introducing nakedness and sex into the mix... She doesn't have to do it, but this is her family, this is her home, she doesn't want to lose it. 

We would be in a serious uproar, no? But this is a guy. A guy who performed gay acts (and then continues to make homophobic remarks from time to time). Instead of being like 'Whoa, this guy has issues and needs help,' everyone is saying, 'What a hypocrite! I can't believe he did that! And then didn't tell us!'


Oh, and this just in. It was the highest rated episode in three years. Well done, casting department. (But hey, EW. Try watching the show before you write about it. The Leroy/Naomi pregnancy scare did not happen. It's in the previews for next week. Psh.)

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