The Heidi and Spencer Show

Yes, it used to be called the Hills.

They should change that.

Check out trailer for the new (and final) season on MTV's 'hit.' Usually the trailers get me totally pumped, and then the season bores me, but this time around, the whole thing looks pretty snoozey to me. All I care about it watching that Heidi 3.0 reunion with her family in Colorado.

Do I look good?

Awkward silence.


Am I watching Justified? Undecided.

Okay, I can already tell you why I won't be watching Justified...

1. It is on Tuesdays. LOST is reserved for Tuesdays. Sorry.
2. I just can't stand Timothy Olyphant (the main guy... yes, the one wearing the cowboy hat). Not only did he star in the worst movie ever, but he has creeped me out ever since he played a drug dealer or porn star or something in The Girl Next Door. I think of him as a poor man's Josh Duhamel.
3. Since he (spoiler!) shot the bad guy in the first episode, I'm worried it will just be another procedural crime show. Snooze.

Okay, now that that is all out of the way, here are a few reasons why I will be watching....

1. Despite my distaste for Olyphant, I actually really like the character Raylan Givens. He's a troubled, bad ass. And he wears that cowboy hat like it's his job.
2. Since he (spoiler!) didn't kill the bad guy in the first episode, I'm thinking that it may not turn into another procedural crime show with another bad guy every week. I think the premise of a season-long (or maybe longer) battle with one adversary is so much more compelling (think Dexter, True Blood...). Plus, Walton Goggins, who plays racist/Nazi/overall scary dude Boyd is listed on the FX page as a main cast member. That's gotta mean he's sticking around for more than one episode, right?
3. I'm hoping Doug E. Doug (the black pastor who you may remember from the classic Cool Runnings) pops up from time to time.



A long time ago, I praised the new show Flashforward.
And then, I fell off the wagon.
 And then when Al committed suicide- proving the future could be changed, I jumped back on.
And then they went on hiatus and I fell off again. When I went to watch Thursday's two-hour re-premiere, I fell asleep three times and had to rewind it. I was worried this time, I would have to give up on the 'Lost replacement' for good. (note: I do not consider Flashforward a Lost replacement. Not yet, at least.)

But then I got to the end of the episode... And to the Charlie backstory. (another note: I know his name isn't Charlie, but that is what I'm calling him. Do not be confused with Charley Benford, the little girl.) Now, I'll say, Flashforward is really picking up.
  • Olivia isn't just cheating on her husband, he knows it. He speaks to Lloyd in his flash forward. He rescues him from his kidnappers. 
  • The doctor who was supposed to fall in love with the Chinese girl is really falling in love with the girl from the hospital/Benford's babysitter (more notes: Sorry I don't know their names. Also, how does she have time to volunteer at a hospital, babysit Charley, take care of her crazy mother, and go to listen to religious preachers and meet them for coffee. Does she have a real job or go to school or something?)
  • Charlie has been involved in this blackout business since he was a kid. His 'uncle' pushed him through school; killed his Dad to create an alibi for where he was during the blackout, when he is really suspect zero (!); and now, kidnapped his sister to get him to keep cooperating. Too bad Charlie killed the guy. We got all that info in the last half hour. Juicy
I'm happy to say, I'm not giving up on this show. Again. Yet. 


For as much TV as I've been missing lately, I'm oddly enough on a Desperate Housewives kick. I've never really considered myself a huge Desperate fan... it was just one of the shows I watched. But I'm currently loving some of the storylines:

Andrew and Orson teaming up against the newly discovered half brother (played by Sam Page). 
It's nice to see these two get a good storyline for once. I don't feel like Andrew is ever much more than a shadow to Brie and poor Orson hasn't had a good line since the accident that sent him into a wheelchair. It's nice to see them giving him something 'normal' to fret about.

The Bolen storyline going somewhere
Desperate has a knack for introducing scandel and using the full season to wrap it up (ie Katharine's backsrtory, the black guy locked in his mom's basment, Dave last season), but this one has been really dragging. Almost a full season in, and all we know is that the Bolens did something. That Nick was maybe a cop. That Danny's name is Tyler. 

But now we know Nick isn't Danny's real dad... and that his real dad is real mean (come on, did you have to kill that old lady? Rude). Now that the guy is in Fairview, the story should pick up. 

I've also been loving Lynette's family drama, Gaby and Susan's rivalries (brought on by having kids the same age at school), and anything involving Bob and Lee. Oh, and as always, Mrs. McClusky

I do, however, have some beef. 

Did they forget Nick cheated on Angie with Julie? 
She was pissed at him. Danny was pissed at him. did Susan ever find out? I can't remember. Whatever, now it seems like the Bolen's are one big happy family again. Huh? Oh, and I can't remember- was he the one that attacked Julie? Why can't I keep any of that straight? Did I miss something?

Julie Benz as the super annoying lesbian stripper with a heart of gold
I love Julie Benz and don't understand why she is so annoying on Desperate... Oh wait, maybe it is the sick, gel-filled hair; the raspy voice; the skanky, sparkley outfits; or the mismatched love between her and Katharine. Yep, that's probably it. 



I just thought about how sad I get when my favorite blogs haven't updatd in a while.... then I realized someone might feel that way about this blog :(

... assuming someone reads it of course.

I'm sorry.

I've been a horrible TV blogger/watcher as of late.

Look for much overdue posts on the Oscars, LOST, Greek, trashy reality TV.... and anything else I can think of.

I promise.


Tom/ Mr. Friendly (LOST) on Mighty Ducks?!

DWTS Season 10 Cast & Pros Announced!

The new cast of Dancing with the Stars has been announced!

Aiden Turner of All My Children. I think he might be British. I know he's pretty attractive. Paired with: Edyta

Buzz Aldrin. Astronaut. Cool dude. Paired with: Ashley Costa (DelGrosso)

Pamela Anderson of Baywatch... and other 'films.' Paired with: Damien Whitewood (new pro)

Erin Andrews, the ESPN host who was secretly filmed in her hotel bathroom. Paired with: Maks

Shannen Doherty of 90210, Charmed. Paired with: Mark Ballas

Evan Lysacek. Yep, the guy who just won gold in figure skating in Vancouver. Paired with: Anna Trebunskaya

Kate Gosselin. Yes, her. Paired with: Tony Dovoloni.

Niecey Nash. Doesn't she host a 'you're a slob, let's clean up and sell all your stuff' show on TLC or something? Paired with: Louis Van Amstel

Chad Ochocinco, football player. Paired with: Cheryl Burke

Jake the Bachelor (yes, the season that just ended. Busy guy). Paired with: Chelsie Hightower

Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls. Paired with: Derek Hough

-Why does Derek always get paired with hot girls?
-Jake is too old to be with Chelsie. Why are there no 'young' stars?
-I bet Aiden and Edyta, and Ochocinco and Cheryl will be good
-I bet Pamela Anderson will be awkward, a la Kim Kardashian and Jane Seymour.
-Niecey Nash is already outrageous. Her + Louis? Expect crazy costumes/makeup.
-They are going to put Erin Andrews in some really skanky outfits.
-Pros missing? Karina, Lacey, Kym, Dimitri... who else?


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