A long time ago, I praised the new show Flashforward.
And then, I fell off the wagon.
 And then when Al committed suicide- proving the future could be changed, I jumped back on.
And then they went on hiatus and I fell off again. When I went to watch Thursday's two-hour re-premiere, I fell asleep three times and had to rewind it. I was worried this time, I would have to give up on the 'Lost replacement' for good. (note: I do not consider Flashforward a Lost replacement. Not yet, at least.)

But then I got to the end of the episode... And to the Charlie backstory. (another note: I know his name isn't Charlie, but that is what I'm calling him. Do not be confused with Charley Benford, the little girl.) Now, I'll say, Flashforward is really picking up.
  • Olivia isn't just cheating on her husband, he knows it. He speaks to Lloyd in his flash forward. He rescues him from his kidnappers. 
  • The doctor who was supposed to fall in love with the Chinese girl is really falling in love with the girl from the hospital/Benford's babysitter (more notes: Sorry I don't know their names. Also, how does she have time to volunteer at a hospital, babysit Charley, take care of her crazy mother, and go to listen to religious preachers and meet them for coffee. Does she have a real job or go to school or something?)
  • Charlie has been involved in this blackout business since he was a kid. His 'uncle' pushed him through school; killed his Dad to create an alibi for where he was during the blackout, when he is really suspect zero (!); and now, kidnapped his sister to get him to keep cooperating. Too bad Charlie killed the guy. We got all that info in the last half hour. Juicy
I'm happy to say, I'm not giving up on this show. Again. Yet. 

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