For as much TV as I've been missing lately, I'm oddly enough on a Desperate Housewives kick. I've never really considered myself a huge Desperate fan... it was just one of the shows I watched. But I'm currently loving some of the storylines:

Andrew and Orson teaming up against the newly discovered half brother (played by Sam Page). 
It's nice to see these two get a good storyline for once. I don't feel like Andrew is ever much more than a shadow to Brie and poor Orson hasn't had a good line since the accident that sent him into a wheelchair. It's nice to see them giving him something 'normal' to fret about.

The Bolen storyline going somewhere
Desperate has a knack for introducing scandel and using the full season to wrap it up (ie Katharine's backsrtory, the black guy locked in his mom's basment, Dave last season), but this one has been really dragging. Almost a full season in, and all we know is that the Bolens did something. That Nick was maybe a cop. That Danny's name is Tyler. 

But now we know Nick isn't Danny's real dad... and that his real dad is real mean (come on, did you have to kill that old lady? Rude). Now that the guy is in Fairview, the story should pick up. 

I've also been loving Lynette's family drama, Gaby and Susan's rivalries (brought on by having kids the same age at school), and anything involving Bob and Lee. Oh, and as always, Mrs. McClusky

I do, however, have some beef. 

Did they forget Nick cheated on Angie with Julie? 
She was pissed at him. Danny was pissed at him. did Susan ever find out? I can't remember. Whatever, now it seems like the Bolen's are one big happy family again. Huh? Oh, and I can't remember- was he the one that attacked Julie? Why can't I keep any of that straight? Did I miss something?

Julie Benz as the super annoying lesbian stripper with a heart of gold
I love Julie Benz and don't understand why she is so annoying on Desperate... Oh wait, maybe it is the sick, gel-filled hair; the raspy voice; the skanky, sparkley outfits; or the mismatched love between her and Katharine. Yep, that's probably it. 

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