Word on the street...

Brother and Sisters
This spring's season finale may be the best episode of the season. There's an outing, a wedding, an arrest, a big kiss, a corporate shakeup and a reveal that will leave one Walker in stunned. It has been called 'the kind of TV that will give you chills.'

Desperate Housewives
Mike needs to keep his mouth shut. He recently spilled that a few actors shot their final scenes already. Only the big four are safe.

Gossip Girl
So I missed Monday's episode...but, word is Blair and Chuck keep dancing around each other; Lily will walk down the aisle with Bart, even though things may not be finished with Rufus; Serena struggles and who comes to her aid? Dan? No- Nate, Chuck, and B; Little Eric van der Woodsen hooks up with Jenny's new BF (yes, that's boyfriend, not best friend)

One Tree Hill
Do we care that Dan is dying? How many times has he almost died? Seriously- we need a bigger shocker. How 'bout Leyton news? There may be a tiny glimmer of hope when Peyton reads Lucas' book. But what about Brucas? That little family picture looked nice didn't it...

Our super-sized finale features a supersecret Sawyer scene ('bout time! If he dies I will kill someone!). It is supposedly the 'game changer.' Also, Charlotte has an interesting scene coming up soon, so watch for that...

Grey's Anatomy
Meredith's bear-attack brain-tumor guy will bring her closer to Derek, as expected.

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