Mondays, Sundays, Thursdays...my week is a blur.

Thoughts on my fave shows from last week…

Greek: This show seriously keeps getting better and better! I haven’t written about it in a couple weeks (mainly because I can never watch it until the weekend), but it has been great! The last two weeks have been really great. I loved the flashbacks in the episode from two weeks ago. It seriously changed my opinion of the Cappie/Casey/Evan triangle. I have always been a Cappie lover, but after the last two weeks, I’ll admit it, I am rooting for Casey and Evan to get back together!

DWTS: So happy that Shannon Elizabeth got kicked off. Who’s next? Probably Marisa or Christian. And this week is the 100th episode two-night event- meaning that tomorrow a ton of DWTS alums will be back!

Gossip Girl: I’m having trouble getting back into it since the break… maybe I’m just sick of the same old stories- Chuck is a jerk, Blaire fights to keep her spot, Jenny wants to be cool, Serena did something one time and got in trouble… I’m bored.

Grey’s Anatomy: I was telling someone, “Yeah, this week’s episode was actually really good,” and their response was, “duh- Addison was back.” And that’s when it hit me. I haven’t really liked the show since she left. Here’s hoping Private Practice gets cancelled and she returns to Seattle Grace where she belongs. Favorite scene of the night- Mark’s reaction to seeing Derek, Addison, Rose, and Meredith all in the elevator. Oh, McSteamy, you make me laugh.
Lost: Loved this week’s episode. Actually, at first, I hated it. Kate and Jack’s future bliss made me sick. But then, you find out that Sawyer is still complicating things. Yes! The scene at the end totally made it for me. There is nothing Jack can do- it doesn’t matter that he is there now, or that he saved her- Kate loves Sawyer, and no matter where Sawyer is (or even if he is still alive), that won’t change. It almost made me feel sorry for Jack. Almost. And how ‘bout that scene when Jack picks up Kate in the hallway? Looks a lot like Sawyer picking her up in the cages if you ask me….

Brothers & Sisters: Awesome episode. I know next week is supposed to be amazing, so I cannot wait! My thoughts from last night- poor Saul, poor Rebecca, poor Justin, poor Sarah, poor Graham, and Holly is such a bitch taking over the company when it isn’t rightfully hers. Oh, and yeah for Scotty and Kevin! That scene was adorable!

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Anonymous said...

I think it was me that said "Duh - Addison is back" on Grey's Anatomy. I didn't even watch the episode lat Thursday, but I know!

And, Danielle, I think you should try to watch a "new" show (new for you) once a week (The Office, Scrubs, American Idol, Tila Tequila round 2 . . .) And then let us, your readers, know if you think it has the potential to keep you watching. They could be something that you're desperately missing out on! (aka The Office)

And, I didn't like LOST this week. I'm so sick of Jack's whining, but, what happened to Claire!!


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