Feeling under-whelmed? Try DH instead...

Sunday night TV just ended, and I am compelled to add my two cents...

"The kind of TV that will give you chills"? Really? I think the only chills I had were from my freezing cold basement. Anyone else feel a bit under-whelmed by the season finale of Brothers & Sisters? All of my promises were predictable- the outing of Saul, the corporate merger for Sarah/Tommy/Holly, the big kiss between you guessed it- Justin and Rebecca. The only 'shocker' was the reveal of Ryan- the real long, lost Walker child. Not that impressed. Plus, a big Walker get together without drunken shenanigans? Come one, people! 

My only shocker- for some odd, odd reason I was almost rooting for Justin and Rebecca in that final scene. I found myself smiling instead of puking in my mouth (the response almost-incest usually should elicit). Weird. 

I think that if you were looking for shocking television tonight, your better bet was to move over to Wisteria Lane. The ladies of Desperate Housewives were totally dishing it out tonight. Susan had her baby; Dylan isn't really Dylan; Kayla is seriously disturbed; and, could it be? Edie gets exiled for good! Now that was some good TV. 

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