My friends are scared...

I am addicted to Dexter. I seriously cannot stop watching this show. Last week, I finally decided to start watching it online, and so far I have watched 17 episodes (count ‘em 17). That puts me at the sixth episode of season 2 (which I will probably watch tonight before I go to bed). In case you've never heard of it (which you probably haven’t), here is a rundown. I promise I will try not to ruin anything for you.

Basically, Dexter is a seriel killer. Wait- don’t stop reading yet. First of all, he only kills bad guys. Second, Michael C. Hall is good looking.

Dexter had something traumatizing happen to him when he was a kid, before he was adopted by Harry Morgan, a cop. Dex grew up learning Harry’s ‘code’ and hangin’ with his sister, Deb. Now they both work for the police department- Dex in forensics and Deb in homicide. In Dex’s free time, he finds murderers that were never convicted and kills them.

Now, I’m not making him out to be a superhero- Dexter isn’t doing this to be some sort of hero. He really does have a dark urge to kill. Harry taught him the ‘code’ to satisfy his urges and rid the world of bad guys all at once. Noble, huh? But there is just something about Dexter that makes you overlook the fact the he is a killer. Plus, it is a lot less gruesome than I thought it would be- nothing worse than I have seen on Grey’s.

You should really check it out. There have been just 24 episodes of this brilliant little show, with a third season coming sometime this year. It is on Showtime, but now you can’t use that as an excuse. The first season is playing on CBS on Sundays at 9pm, or you can watch it online. I like to use watchdexteronline.net.

Seriously, I know the show sounds weird, but you should give it a chance! The only thing that scares me is that by the end of the week, I probably won't have any new episodes to watch...

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Anonymous said...

Your blog came to me in a Michael C Hall google Alert.

Just a few minutes ago I finished watching season 2 for the upteenth time!! LOL

I can't get enough of this show either, or MCH I think I must be in love with Dexter. LOL I just want to give him a hug and say it will be OK :)

I just hope that when this show does end, like season 10 :) that it doesn't end badly for Dexter. I WILL cry if it does. I have to admit I cried a bit in Season 2 episode 11 "Turn Left Ahead" ( I think I can write this without it being a spoiler for anyone) during Dexter and Doakes' conversation and then Dex going outside to call Deb. MCH is so brilliant in this show. You just can't take your eyes off of him.

Have to tell you when I was turning my cousin on to this show last Nov I had all of S1 and the first 6 eps of season 2, She couldn't stop. We watched 18 hours of Dexter in 2 nights. :)


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