Lowe, Flockhart, who else wants to jump ship?

There has been a lot of news that interested me this week: the iPad, a little Lost scoop, my new blog... But you know what doesn't interest me? This horrible news about Brothers and Sisters.

It was reported last week that Rob Lowe would be leaving at the end of the season, and (if that wasn't enough), now we find out Calista Flockhart will be limiting her appearances on the ABC drama.

W. T. F.

It's being said that Calista's limited season is the reason Rob is leaving. He already feels that his character is underused, and with his wife being around less, that probably means even less screen time for him.

So what do you think will happen to the McCallisters? Here are my guesses:
1. Heart attack for Robert.
2. Kitty moves to DC
3. Cancer for Kitty.
4. Kitty cheats on Robert and he divorces her once and for all.
5. Robert steals a bunch of money, goes AWOL and moves to Mexico. Oh wait....

It obviously could be a combination of any of these, but I kind of hope he dies and Kitty moves to DC. I think the infidelity last season and cancer this season were kind of just brushed over and could/should be revisited, but they have come so far and just want a happy ending. Then again, Robert dying isn't exactly happy...

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