No more Gossip... please

So I already declared that I was officially giving up on Gossip Girl (here is the proof), but everyone came up to me this week and said, "Danielle, before you give up on it, you have got to watch the newest episode!" 

So I did. 

And I was not impressed. 

I do not like Serena being a bitchy, queen bee. I just don't believe that a person can go from being a really nice person to such a bitch in one night. And I don't buy that her and Dan are done. They obviously still like each other and are just acting like stupid children playing games with each other. You know that eventually they will get back together. And, oh surprise surprise, Nate is mad at Vanessa again (big departure from the Vanessa being mad at Nate storyline). And Blair and Chuck's bantering is getting old. 

Oh and speaking of old, Rufus and Lilly? Please...

I'm done. 

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