Who else is watching Project Runway?! I know we're only a few episodes in... but some thoughts:

Let's put these crazy challenges on hold. Sure, the judges have been able to see some of the designer's personality through the old designs and the auditions... but we haven't. It's hard for me as a viewer to decide if I like someone based on how they dress stilt walkers. That Nina Challenge was a breath of fresh air! I want to see who these designers are when they aren't shopping in pet stores for materials.

Bert, you're not my favorite anymore. In the first episode, I loved Bert. He was so cute. So polite. So gracious. I even voted him for fan favorite that week. But I change my mind. He's so rude. Him telling his partner (sorry, I don't know most of their names....) that he didn't know the difference between Elizabethan or Victorian or what Mae West would and wouldn't wear.... come on. Seriously? It's an interpretation... not exact, historically accurate replica.

Laura, step it up. Homegirl's from St. Louis, so I'm rooting for her. The red stilt dress showed that she isn't all bling and bright maxi dresses. Here's hoping that continues.

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Kristin said...

You know I've been watching and completely agree about the challenges, Bert, and Laura. Hopefully things will step-up even more this week!


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