Oscar Time! Part 9

I'm getting tired. And sick. My cough and my headache is getting worse. 

10:26pm Best Actress time! Yes. Sweet Presenters too. Listen to the audience go crazy!

10:29pm I like this presenting style- way more moving. 

10:31pm Sophia Loren= trainwreck. She looks scary. And PS Meryl has the best seat in the house. 

10:33pm Winslet wins. Not a shock, but I am so happy because she is amazing. I can think of no better role model for women everywhere than that woman. 

10:35pm Aw, I would have asked my Dad to whistle too! Adorable. She is just so genuine. 

This is sad, but I wish we could fast forward. I have so much to do and I am tiiiirrreed. 

10:38pm awesome presenters for Best Actor. 

10:43pm Who do I want to win? Rourke or Penn? Decisions decisions. 

10:44pm Sean Penn wins for Milk. Very nice. And way cool camera angles this year, Academy. Well done. 

10:47pm Signs of hatred? So sad. That is ridiculous. 

10:49pm Speilberg is like speaking a different language. Ugh I don't know if I can do another montage. 

10:53pm Ok, here goes, Best Picture time. Slumdog? Yep, yep. Slumdog. 

10:57pm Previews? Sweet, I'll stick around for that, but I'm peacin' out. It's been a blast, but I'm done blogging tonight! 

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Anonymous said...

I have just read your blog for the first time in a while, but I have two answers to your questions posed in your Oscars rundown:

1) Heath Ledger is not shown on the actors who have died lists this awards season, because he was shown on LAST YEAR's lists. He died before the Oscars, etc. last year, so hence, he was shown then.

2) PS Hoffman is wearing a ski cap because of his next movie role requires crazy hair. I saw him interviewed on the Today Show with the rest of the nominees from Doubt and they were trying to get him to take off the cap. He refused because he said his hair is ugly for this movie he's filming . . . weird, but there's your answer!

You need to get updated on this blog . . . tons going on on LOST and B&S . . . plus Greek starts in 2 weeks!


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