Oscar Time! Part 2

Back from commercial break

7:45pm Comedians are great. I love Tina Fey. 

7:56pm Original Screenplay? My pick is Wall-E. Tougher to write for cartoons... and a lot of silence. 

7:58pm Milk, cool. I have a feeling with the Prop 8 fall out, it will do really well tonight. And, aha very nice speech.

8:00pm Ah, same presenters for more than one category. Clever.  Adapted Screenplay? My pick is Doubt. But, honestly any of these could win and I would be happy, they are all wonderful. 

8:03pm No offense, but I hope this is not a Slumdog sweep tonight. I'm kind of sick about hearing how awesome it is. 

8:04pm Jennifer Aniston! YES! A movie yearbook? Yes, another montage!

8:07pm Wall-E wins for best animated feature, awkward for Jack Black. 

8:10pm Ha I just realized they kept showing Angelina when Jack Black was talking because she was in Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black, but he just happens to be standing on stage with her 'nemisis,' the former Mrs. Pitt. 

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