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Sad to say, but I haven't posted about my favorite show of all time in a while. Let's get one thing straight- it is NOT because I don't like this new season. I actually love this new season. Everyone who is complaining about the time travel story line, saying the show is 'too sci-fi' is just delusional. 

Newsflash: Lost has always been sci-fi. It has always been mysterious. Isn't that why we liked it to begin with?

With that out of the way, let me share some scoop with you... According to TV Guide, one of the following three items is true:
1. Charlotte is Ben's little friend Annie (something I was already convinced was true). 
2. Miles is the Darma Initiative guy's son. 
3. Ben and Locke are brothers. 

Unlikely, but I kind of hope it is the third...

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