Oscar Time!

This is my REAL TIME Oscar blog! I'm sure there is an easier way to do this, I could certainly just tweet all my thoughts, but I'm sure people would get sick of that (especially since a lot of my followers aren't big twitter users... yet). So here are my thoughts on the big show...

7:31pm The show is starting! Stage looks gorgeous, and so does Hugh (of course). And ha, look at that, he's funny too... Yes, singing! He has such a wonderful voice... highlights: serenading Kate, the 'Craig's list dancers', The Dark Knight shout out, the Benjamin Button head cut-outs, and Anne Hathaway! Marvelous!  The Reader dance was hilarious. I would say one of the better openings I have seen at the Oscars! Hugh is so dreamy. Funny. Charming. Candid. He is a natural entertainer. 

7:42pm Oh how I love montages! I know they were talking about doing different things with the show this year, and if this is it- paying homage to past winners as a way to honor the new ones? I think it is brilliant. Oh, and so great them talking to the nominees. It makes it so much more meaningful! But not sure how this will keep the time down...

7:48pm Okay, best supporting. My pick? Viola Davis. I haven't seen it the film, but I saw it on stage last year in Kansas City and that role, that story, is just breathtaking. 

7:48pm Cruz wins? Okay, I'll take it because she is so darn pretty. 

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